Trouble sleeping? Sleep mask uses light tricks to help you wake

Jonathan Warren

Author: Jonathan Warren



86809327Do you have trouble falling to sleep at night? Your luck may be in: a sleep regulating device called the Lumi Sleep Mask has been created, which is said to help users to wake with ease through their own virtual sunrise half an hour before they need to get up; this essentially is meant to gently ease the individual into a new day. The gadget went from concept to production on the Kickstarter website and, like traditional sleep masks, will block out light to allow you to get asleep during both day and night. However, unlike traditional masks, it also utilises a light unit to simulate a virtual sunrise. People can set the alarm with ease on the side of the Lumi Sleep Mask before crashing out. Creators of the Lumi said: "Our bodies are designed to sleep in darkness and wake with sunlight. Darkness triggers our brain to produce a sleep cue, melatonin, to help fall asleep. Tiny amounts of light disrupt this cue."