Rattan Beds

Rattan Beds
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What is a rattan bed?

Rattan bed frames incorporate rattan which is a strong, versatile natural material deriving from vine-like palm trees native to the tropical jungles of Asia, Malaysia, and China. Otherwise known as cane beds, rattan bed frames use the beauty of this traditional material in our headboard designs, combining craftsmanship with beautiful style.

What sizes of rattan beds are there?

We offer our Loire or Liberty rattan bed frame in a rattan double size, perfect for couples or those who like to stretch out. Even in a double size, the rattan design stands out to be the focal point of your bedroom. We also offer our Loire Oak Rattan Bed Frame in a super king - a size fit for a king (or queen!) Perfect for couples with the luxury of abundant room space, and those who like to stretch out, our super king rattan bed fits a ginormous mattress of 6’ x 6’6” (180cm x 2000cm).

Why choose a rattan bed?

A great change from fabric and painted wooden bed frames, our rattan beds offer a clean, stylish and antique look which is sure to stand out in your home. You can see why they are one of our best-selling bed styles! The natural rattan headboard material provides long-lasting support, offering strength for years to come. Our solid wooden bases also offer great support for your mattress, while remaining reliable and strong for a long time.

What colours of rattan bed frames do you offer?

Our Loire Rattan bed frame is made from solid oak, with a weathered oak finish to create a really beautiful light wood effect. This matches well with both rustic and colourful room designs, great for those who like to celebrate natural materials. See our complete range of matching furniture, to create a beautiful complete room set.  Our Liberty Rattan Bedframe offers an antique painted white finish to the headboard and bedframe, a great addition to neutral or light colour schemes. We recommend matching with simple accessories and light-reflecting colours to create an airy and rustic room design. See our complete range of bedsides, to help you choose the perfect companion for the Liberty rattan bed frame -