Wooden Bed Frames

Wooden Bed Frames
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Why choose a solid wooden bed frame?

Elegant designs, sturdy builds and high quality materials are the quintessential elements of each and every one of our solid wooden bed frames at Time4Sleep. So, what’s not to like?

Our collection of wooden beds include a vast number of style options, finishes and styles to pique your interest and make a statement in your bedroom for years on end. Plus, wooden beds don’t just look the part, they are really supportive too meaning you can improve your quality of sleep ten fold!

In fact, most of our wooden beds come with the option of having either a slatted wooden bed frame or a slatted sprung wooden bed frame. These are particularly brilliant for those who need (or prefer) extra back support to get their best possible night’s sleep.

What types of wooden beds are there?

A better question would be what types of wooden beds aren’t there? At Time4Sleep, we have a wide array of wooden beds in different types of woods, colours, sizes and styles. Here are just a few of our favourite styles below.

Wooden Rattan Beds

Elegant to the very last, wooden rattan beds are the epitome of luxury. Drawing design inspiration from ageless French decor, rattan beds have the power to transform any bedroom into a Parisian boudoir! Wooden rattan beds also feature solid slatted bases to give them a sturdy and durable structure meaning you’ll be sleeping in style in no time at all!

Wooden Ottoman Beds

If you want the sleek and stylish aesthetic of a wooden bed but also want a frame that will maximise your storage options, look no further than a wooden ottoman bed. With all the opulence and comfort of a standard top of the range wooden frame, wooden ottoman beds contain a huge concealed storage area beneath their base in which you can house all your bits and bobs to declutter your space. Simply lift up the bed base to store away your spare bedding and other occasional-use items and voila – goodbye messy bedroom!

Wooden Sleigh Beds

If you’re searching for a statement piece that oozes timeless design, a sleigh bed is the wooden bed for you. Solid, sturdy and incredibly stylish, our wooden sleigh beds feature handcrafted hardwood designs and decals with a range of oak stain and painted finishes.

What colours of wooden bed frame are there?

One of the biggest benefits of a wooden bed frame is the wide choice of colours and finishes available. This allows you to find the perfect bed to fit in with your bedroom décor and you can also easily match your bed with your other bedroom furniture. We have a great selection of dark wood and light wood bed options, including our Louie Bed, a luxurious French-inspired dark wood bed which even has matching bedside tables available. 

What are the benefits of a wooden bed?

Beautiful Design

For ultimate comfort, durable frames and style that will never go out of fashion, a wooden bed is the perfect option to create a traditional aesthetic in any room – whether you’re after a more classy or rustic interior style - complimenting a wide range of decors and themes.

Built to Last

As wooden beds are built with solid natural materials, their sturdy composition means they are incredibly durable and not easily damaged. In fact, unlike other bed frames that can require a lot more upkeep, a wooden bed can thrive for years on end without losing its lustre, comfort, decadence and appeal.

Sustainable Bed Option

Wooden beds are a brilliant sustainable choice of frame due to their durability. If looked after properly, a sturdy wooden bed will continue to serve its purpose, look beautiful and remain supportive for decades. 

Many of our wooden beds also use rubber wood – an incredibly durable, cost-effective and sustainable hardwood material that has been dubbed “the environmentally-friendly wood”. This is because rubberwood trees are mostly grown for the latex it produces as a byproduct. After some time, these trees can no longer produce the latex yields the growers need to remain profitable, so the trees are cut down and replanted on a regular basis as a result. It’s only then that the rubberwood timber is used for the production of furniture!

Styles Galore

Our range of wooden beds are available in a huge number of eye-catching colours and designs. Whether you fancy a dramatic dark oak, a beautifully crafted grey frame, or a sleek white painted finish, we are guaranteed to have a style to suit you.

Easy to Maintain

Unlike many upholstered designs which require a more indepth cleaning schedule, wooden beds are extremely easy to spruce up and keep looking their best. A simple wipe down will often be all your frame needs to keep up appearances!

Storage Options

If you would really benefit from some extra floor space, we have a number of wooden bed options that can help you on your way to tidy town. From ottomans to beds with drawers, read below to find out more about our fantastic wooden bed frames with storage.

Wooden Bed Frames with Storage

Choose from a fantastic selection of quality wooden beds with storage. This includes our wooden ottoman storage bed options, as well as our more traditional wooden beds with drawers such as our Malmo white wooden bed frame which is beautifully elegant and classically designed with enough space beneath to add under bed drawers for storage.

Are wooden beds sturdy?

Our selection of wooden beds are available in a wide range of colours, styles and sizes. Combining affordability with quality, our wooden bed frames are crafted using highly durable materials including solid oaks and versatile pine. These sturdy bed frames not only look great, but they are also built to last and many come with extra storage space.

Beautiful white wooden beds

For a clean, classic look, choose a white wooden bed frame from Time4Sleep. These make perfect additions to any bedroom and can seamlessly complement your room style, whatever aesthetic you go for. Our white wooden beds are also a very popular choice and are highly adaptable for traditional or more contemporary room designs. Some of our most popular products include our classic Marseille white wooden sleigh bed, and the French-inspired Liberty Rattan in white oak. 

Great Value Wooden Beds

There's a wooden bed for everyone here at Time 4 Sleep. With our prices up to 40% lower than what you'd find on the high-street, we've tried to ensure that our collection is both eclectic and affordable. From king-size options under £600 through to solid oak singles for as little as £149, the only thing you'll have to decide is which style to pick for you and your home!