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Products for Wooden Beds

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Wooden Bed Sizes

Single Wooden Bed

Single Wooden Beds

Perfect for smaller spaces, guest or children’s rooms, we stock a large selection of wooden single beds.

Double Wooden Bed

Double Wooden Beds

One of our most popular bed sizes, our double wooden beds are ideal for couples or single persons who like some extra room for themselves.

King Size Wooden Bed

King Size Wooden Beds

A popular bed size, king size beds are ideal for taller people or couples who like to have some extra space for themselves whilst they sleep.

Super King Size Wooden Bed

Super King Size Wooden Beds

Our largest bed size, our super king size wooden beds are ideal for couples who love to stretch out in bed and still have plenty of room.

Type of Wooden Bed

painted wood bed

Our painted wood beds are painted in grey or white, and are clean, contemporary and stylish. With single painted wooden beds for children’s bedrooms and double bedframes for guest or master bedrooms, you’re sure to find the perfect painted wooden bed at Time4Sleep.

If you prefer a more traditional look, then our oak beds fit the bill perfectly. We stock beds both with oak finishes or manufactured from solid oak, ensuring there’s a bed to fit your budget. Our oak beds are ideal for master or guest bedrooms, and we have several styles available, including Ottoman storage beds and romantic Rattan beds.

Wooden Bed Colours

We stock a number of popular coloured wooden beds at Time4Sleep:

Grey Wooden Beds

Grey Wooden Beds

For a contemporary and truly stylish look, choose our grey wooden beds. Neutral and calming, grey is an increasingly popular colour choice for beds and will look wonderful in guest or master bedrooms.

White Wooden Beds

White Wooden Beds

White wooden beds are incredibly popular with children and adults alike and look fantastic in shabby chic style bedrooms. Add a pop of colour with your bedsheets to really make white wooden beds stand out.

Dark Wood Beds

Dark Wood Beds

And if you’re more of a traditionalist, our dark wood beds will be perfect for you. Cosy and homely, our dark wooden beds are timeless and will work especially well against neutral colours.

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