Mahogany Look Beds

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Mahogany beds are a great investment as they will last for years thanks to the strong and sturdy properties of the wood. They are an extremely solid and hardwearing choice, so you'll get the maximum number of wonderful nights' sleep for your money! At Time4Sleep we understand that having such a long-lasting bed means you'll want to feel sure you're making the right decision, and this means choosing a style that you are still going to love in years to come. That's why we've taken an in-depth look at mahogany beds and how they can fit perfectly into your bedroom, and into your life.

Mahogany beds regularly feature in interior design publications and are often seen as the number one choice for a truly luxurious look - so prepare to be the envy of any visitors to your home! This is because mahogany bed frames bring a depth of colour to any room that metal and white bed frames cannot hope to create. The tonal variations in the wood create a unique and natural look that works beautifully in any traditional or country-style home, becoming a central feature that you can echo in accessories such as mahogany-coloured lamps or picture frames around the room. However, mahogany and mahogany-look beds fit more than just one decor style

If you prefer a more contemporary look in your home, the sleek lines and smooth look of these bed frames will fit the stylishly simplistic theme perfectly. While choosing mahogany beds does mean you're choosing dark wooden bed frames, don't let this sway you: your new bed will look fantastic against pale walls and fresh white sheets. In fact, the natural look is set to be a huge trend for the coming year, with wood-coloured furniture replacing dull and one-dimensional painted surfaces in the most stylish homes.

Of course, you're not limited to just traditional or contemporary decor styles: why not make the most of the rich colours of your new bed with Moroccan-inspired fiery shades of red, orange and sunset yellow? A new bedspread and a few decorative cushions are all it takes to transform this iconic bed into something completely new. While you can quickly and inexpensively replace soft-furnishings in your bedroom to fit your changing tastes, you'll find that your mahogany bed evolves with you, and never goes out of favour in the style stakes.