Kids Beds with Desks

Kids Beds with Desks
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Why choose a bed with a desk?

A desk bed helps to create a clutter-free space in your child’s bedroom. Having the desk built into the bed frame itself frees up space elsewhere and creates a dedicated space for your child to work or play. Many of our beds with desks come with additional storage built in such as shelves, cupboards and wardrobes, creating an efficient multipurpose space within the bed frame itself.

What types of beds with desks are there available?

We offer a variety of beds with desks underneath to cater for your child’s needs. From bunk beds with desks - or high sleepers as they are otherwise known, to cabin beds and mid-sleeper options with built-in desk options that pull out and can be hidden away with ease.

What age are your desk beds suitable for?

Our beds with desks are recommended for kids aged 6 and up. Read more about our kid's bed options in our kid's bed buying guide.

Time4Sleep stocks a great range of desk bed designs from some of the UK's best bed manufacturers. These beds are perfect for growing kids and we offer 0% finance and next-day delivery on most of our kid's beds!