High Sleeper Beds

High Sleeper Beds
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High Sleeper Kids Beds from Time4Sleep

High sleeper bed frames make wonderful additions to any child’s bedroom. Raised about as high off the ground as a standard bunk bed, a high sleeper bed features space underneath that can be used for all kinds of things a study desk, a sofa, a chest of drawers or shelving and storage for all your kid's favourite things.

A variety of high sleeper bed options

Nowadays, there are many different types of high sleeper beds to choose from, here at Time4Sleep we have a fantastic selection including:

  • High sleeper beds with desks
  • High sleepers with bunk beds
  • Wardrobe high sleeper beds
  • High-sleeper gaming beds
  • High sleepers with futons and sofa beds
  • Double high sleeper beds

High Sleepers with desks to encourage their creativity

Optimising space in smaller bedrooms can be challenging, but high sleeper beds with desks offer a welcomed solution. These beds efficiently combine sleeping areas with creative and study spaces, eliminating the need for additional furniture and freeing up room for play. This smart design allows your child to work, play, and rest in a single area, making it a practical choice for compact living spaces.

High Sleeper Beds with wardrobes and functional storage solutions

A number of our high sleeper beds come with built-in wardrobes, drawers, shelves and other ingenious storage solutions, providing an all-in-one bedroom furnishing that maximises space without sacrificing style or functionality. These designs are perfect for keeping clothes, toys, and school supplies neatly organised and out of the way, allowing for more free space to play and relax. Our high sleepers with wardrobes are especially popular in smaller bedrooms where space is of a premium.

High Sleeper Beds with Futons

Our high sleeper beds with futons, also known as high sleeper sofa beds, offer a versatile solution for sleepovers, easily transforming from a comfy sofa to an extra bed. This feature ensures that the high sleeper with built-in futon is not just a practical sleeping area but also a cosy spot for reading and homework, making it an ideal multifunctional furniture piece for your child's bedroom.

Introducing, high-sleeper gaming stations

For gaming enthusiasts, our high-sleeper gaming beds are an ideal match. They're designed to accommodate a TV or computer monitor under the bed, creating a dedicated gaming zone. This setup allows gamers to immerse themselves in their favourite games comfortably and stylishly, right from their space-saving sleeping area.

Why choose a high sleeper bed?

Purchasing a high sleeper bed is a great way to better organise your child's bedroom and free up valuable space. With built-in features such as desks, wardrobes, futons, and game stations, they are a great way to make the most of the space available in your child’s bedroom. Not to mention, our high sleepers are built to last and are made from highly durable materials including wood and metals.

What ages are high sleeper beds suitable for?

High sleeper beds normally have a ladder providing access to the top bunk, making them suitable for kids aged six and over. While they're fitted with a guardrail, due to the high sleeping position they're best combined with a mattress that's under a certain height - find out more in choosing a child's mattress.

Sleeping "up top" is exciting for many kids, and a high sleeper bed gives them the chance to do just that even if you don't need a bunk bed. Time4Sleep stocks a wide range of high sleeper bed designs from some of the UK's best bed manufacturers. Many of these beds include sofas, desks and storage as part of the package, and some even have guest bedding built-in - perfect for sleepovers with friends!