High Sleeper Beds

High Sleeper Beds
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What is a high sleeper bed?

A high sleeper bed is a great way to get more out of the space in your child's bedroom. Raised about as high off the ground as a standard bunk bed, a high sleeper bed features space underneath that can be used for all kinds of things a study desk, a sofa, a chest of drawers or shelving and storage for all your kid's favourite things.

High sleeper beds with a desk

In smaller bedrooms, finding enough room to fit a desk ora place for your child to play or work can be difficult. Many of our high sleeper beds include built-in desks which give your child a space to get creative or do their homework, without the need to find space elsewhere in the bedroom. 

High Sleeper Beds with Futons

Great for sleepovers, our high sleeper beds with futons provide extra sleeping space when needed, and when not in use, the beds fold up into a comfortable seat, ideal for reading and doing homework.

Wooden High Sleeper Beds

Our high sleeper beds are built using the highest quality woods, mainly built from sustainable rubberwood and finished in brilliant white. Our wooden high sleeper beds are built to last and make perfect bed choices for growing kids.

Versatile and convenient

High sleeper beds normally have a ladder providing access to the top bunk, making them suitable for kids aged six and over. While they're fitted with a guardrail, due to the high sleeping position they're best combined with a mattress that's under a certain height - find out more in choosing a child's mattress.

Sleeping "up top" is exciting for many kids, and a high sleeper bed gives them the chance to do just that even if you don't need a bunk bed.

Check out our high sleeper beds

Time4Sleep stocks a wide range of high sleeper bed designs from some of the UK's best bed manufacturers. Many of these beds include sofas, desks and storage as part of the package, and some even have guest bedding built-in - perfect for sleepovers with friends!