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Grey Buttoned Headboards

Buttoned headboards have become the new style craze, adding elegance and decoration to your bed frame. Our Madison Floor Standing Upholstered Headboard is pictured in our Velvet Silver fabric, a beautiful soft light grey finish that matches a wide range of interiors. For a darker grey hue, our Rylee Gatsby Platinum floor standing headboard features a soft darker grey finish, with a buttoning design suitable for our divan and ottoman bases. For a sure statement headboard, our Emma headboard features a high frame and winged sides to create the ultimate focal point for your bed. Choose our Emma headboard in a range of grey hues, up to the darkest Gatsby Gun Metal which is a gorgeous dark charcoal grey.

Grey Double Headboards

A popular choice for couples and single adults alike, our double bedframes can be customized with our range of grey double headboards to create your dream bed. Our Hannah Arran Pebble double grey headboard features a square design, perfect for a contemporary room design, while the lightly speckled grey fabric fits well with any colour scheme. If you are looking to add a touch of retro-inspired design to your double bed frame, our Quinn floor standing headboard is a luxurious padded headboard that is truly unique.

Timeless Grey Headboards

A more simplistic style doesn’t mean boring! Our range of grey headboards includes some more timeless styles to fit in with both modern and classic room designs. Our Curve Upholstered Headboard has smooth edges for a streamlined look, easy to match with our range of white and wooden bedside tables. Our Blenheim grey floor standing headboard features a classic shape, subtly adorned with silver beading around the edge for a touch of glamour.