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What is a divan bed?

A divan bed consists of a specially designed frame, typically made from a wooden structure, which fits to the exact measurements as a measurement. This wooden bed base is then padded in soft material before being upholstered in fabric for a sleek and minimalist finish. 

A divan bed’s base can also provide helpful storage solutions, making them a clever, multifunctional piece of furniture to have in your bedroom that can really help to maximise floor space and keep things neat and tidy. With two-drawer, four-drawer and no drawer options available, take a look at our wide range of divan beds today to find your perfect fit!

Do divan beds provide good storage?

Yes! If you are wanting to turn your new divan bed into something functional in a bid to tidy away any clutter, then why not buy a divan bed with storage drawers? The drawers will help to maximise the space in your bedroom and are easy to access when needed. Divan bed bases can come with 1 to 4 drawers or ottoman storage options.

Are divan beds sturdy?

Divan beds are well known for being sturdy due to their strong wooden frames. Not only does this provide a solid structure, but it also makes the divan bed a long-lasting, durable and rigid option for those looking to buy a new bed. What’s more, due to their solid build, divan beds also provide their sleepers fabulous support throughout their night’s sleep.

How comfortable are divan beds?

Aside from their style and functionality, divan beds are also incredibly supportive. Ideal for inducing restorative sleep, divan beds are designed to distribute body weight and alleviate pressure on achy joints.

As such, divan beds are widely regarded as being incredibly comfortable bed frame designs. Due to their solid platform and sprung slatted bases, divan beds provide a sturdier and flatter surface on which your mattress can lie. This means your back can rest in a straighter position as you sleep and is also a great way to prolong the life of your mattress as it will prevent it from sagging!

What divan bed should I choose?

Well, that’s entirely up to you and the space you have in your bedroom! But luckily for you, we have lots of sturdy, stylish and space-saving divan beds to choose from.

Whether you’re looking for single, double, king or even super king size divan beds, or you can’t decide whether to purchase a divan without drawers or with four drawers, take a look at our complete collection to help you decide! We also have divan beds in an exciting range of stunning colours, including blues, pinks, greys, and many more.

After an initial browse of our divan beds on offer, we would recommend measuring the bedroom you want the frame for to help you decide which size divan bed would best suit the space. Once you’ve ascertained this, think about the amount of storage you might need from your new bed. If you’ve got ample storage already, you could opt for no drawers, or if you could do with some extra room to store some stray socks and other bits and bobs, why not opt for a divan bed with drawers instead?

What sizes are divan beds available in?

Divan beds are available in a broad range of sizes which makes them a fabulous addition to any household. Even the smallest UK size is catered for (compact single – 2ft 6) as well as five other standard UK sizes available on the website – including single bed, compact double bed (otherwise known as small double), double bed, king size bed and super king size bed – all of which are suitable for any type of mattress.

  • Single Divan Beds – 3’ x 6’3”
    • Experience the convenience of a single divan bed base, perfect for small rooms. Compact and space-saving, it offers a comfortable and practical sleep solution for solo sleepers, kids, or guest rooms. Embrace the comfort and functionality of a single divan bed base to maximize your room's potential without compromising on quality rest.
  • Small Double Divan Beds – 4’ x 6’3”
    • Discover the versatility of a small double divan bed base—larger than a single, yet perfect for most room sizes. Experience superior comfort and ample sleeping space for individuals or cosy accommodation for couples. Its compact design ensures a perfect fit, making it a practical and comfortable choice for any bedroom.
  • Double Divan Beds – 4’6” x 6’3”
    • Experience the perfect sleep solution for couples with a double divan bed base. Enjoy ample space and superb comfort, accommodating both you and your partner. With its practical design and built-in storage options, the double divan bed base is an ideal choice for a harmonious bedroom setup.
  • King Size Divan Beds – 5’ x 6’6”
    • Enjoy spacious comfort and superior support with a king-size divan bed base. Its sturdy construction ensures a restful sleep, while built-in storage keeps your bedroom organised. Upgrade to a king-size divan bed base for an elevated sleeping experience.
  • Super King Divan Beds – 6’ x 6’6”
    • Indulge in the ultimate luxury with a super king divan bed base, perfect for larger rooms. Experience unparalleled comfort and ample sleeping space for couples or those who cherish extra room. With its grand size and sturdy design, the super king divan bed base is a lavish addition to any bedroom, providing a restful haven.

Do you need a headboard with a divan bed?

Unlike other bed frame designs, the wide majority of divan beds are typically sold without a headboard. However, this definitely does not mean you can’t have one fitted or find a divan unit that comes with a headboard already attached. At Time4Sleep we have divan beds both with and without headboards to suit your taste, style and needs – all you need to do is check how much space you have above your bed to see if a headboard will fit!

Why should I buy a divan bed from Time4Sleep?

At Time4Sleep, we only deal with the very best in the business when it comes to divan beds. That means you can expect the very best materials and quality, the very best innovation and functionality, and the very best comfort levels when you buy a divan bed with us. With a vast number of options available, you can choose a divan bed of a size, colour and style to suit you and make your bedroom sing!

We’ve been offering beautiful beds, furniture and mattresses to our valued customers since 2006 at fantastic value prices. That’s because we strongly believe that getting the best night’s sleep you can shouldn’t have to cost you a pretty penny! If you’re looking for a brand you can trust, look no further.

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