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TV beds are the hottest thing on the market today! This space saving style of bed means that you no longer have to have a cabinet for the TV in the bedroom as it is neatly contained within the foot end of the bed! That means if you fancy an early night watching TV in bed or whether you just want to catch some Z's either option is available with a spectacular TV bed!

Leather TV beds have been the best selling products in this style so far with some extremely contemporary models being designed by some of the bed trades leading manufacturers. Style is so important these days to our customers which we cater for in a big way but at the same time we like to make sure our products are of the highest quality!

The high end TV beds on the Time4sleep website cost a little more than others due to the quality of the leather and the fact that they contain top notch electrical mechanisms that are raised/put down easily when needed by a remote control. This kind of luxury is wonderful as you don't even have to get out of bed to put the TV away – just the press of a button sorts it our for you!

If you are looking for a cheaper TV bed – for instance if you want one for your child – new for this year is the static TV bed. A static TV bed holds a TV at the end of the bed on a piece of board that is upholstered on the back to match the rest of the frame. This means that the TV is out all of the time but the cost is kept nice and low due to no mechanisms being involved.

Coming soon we also have a range of TV beds that will include a piston opening mechanism rather than electrical – this again will cut down on the cost - making a TV bed more accessible to all budgets. At current our range includes three different colours of bed – brown, black or cream but watch this space for any new colours that might arrive on the market!

TV size wise – it depends on which model you choose as to what size TV can be housed in the actual unit. This can be anything up to a 32 inch TV which can be put into our higher end models. (TV'S NOT INCLUDED)

We are proud of our selection of TV beds and over the coming months we will be looking at new models in order to have a full and complete range. These beds have a tendency to be very heavy and bulky and due to this we deliver most of them to our customers on a high end two man carrier. This carrier will take all items to the room of your choice and will also give you a three hour time slot the day before delivery!


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