TV Bed Buying Guide

TV Bed Buying Guide

TV Bed Buying Guide

TV beds are perfect for maximising the space available in your bedroom. Rather than having to mount a television to the wall, or find space for one on top of a cabinet, your TV can be discreetly stored away until it’s time for you to relax and unwind and watch the latest TV series or film.

TV Bed Advantages at a Glance

  • TV beds offer a convenient discreet way to have a Television in your room
  • Many TV beds have the facility to raise the television from your remote control alone
  • No need for invasive work to attach a television to your wall
  • Convenient storage for a DVD player or games console

How do TV Beds Work?

A TV bed appears like a normal bed frame with a high headboard, but with the addition of a higher than usual footboard that discreetly houses an LED screen inside. This means the footboard can vary in height and width depending on the model.

The footboard can either be operated manually on certain designs or opened at the push of a button. Electrical mechanisms built inside activate automatically, slide the television up and out of the frame. Designed specifically for the film and television lover, some beds can be completely controlled with a remote control.

What are the benefits of a TV bed?

One of the key benefits of a TV bed is that they can help you save on bedroom space - whilst also looking stylish and sleek in your bedroom. They prevent the bedroom design being disturbed by the need to attach a TV onto the wall, or create enough surface space to appropriately host a TV.

In premium TV bed designs, speaker systems can also be built into the frame to provide surround sound. Many designs feature space underneath the mattress to house DVD players and games consoles, which tuck away neatly so there’s no need to worry about loose cables.

Whether you’re a soap-lover or simply like to catch the news while enjoying breakfast in bed, TV beds are ideal for those who love the idea of catching a show while tucked up under the duvet.

Things to Consider for your TV Bed

Consider an Ottoman Storage TV Bed – Ottoman beds can be side or foot opening.  Think about your room and where you are best accessing the ottoman so you can pick the option which best suits you.  Think about depth of the storage on your ottoman, will your chosen ottoman store the items you are hoping to add.

Consider the size of your TV – Check on the description of the bed to see what the maximum size of the television can be.  Some beds can take up to a 43” screen but others can be smaller.  You may need to consider the depth of the television too.

Consider your accessories – Some TV Beds come with a built-in speaker system (some have speakers in the footend and headboard).  Some also have peripheral connections, headphone socket, aux and USB ports located in the head board.

TV Bed FAQ's

What is a TV Bed?

A TV bed is a bed that has the capacity built into the frame to house your television. The TV can be hidden away in the foot of the bed, and then exposed at the touch of a button, which is perfect for decluttering your bedroom and helps you to maximise the space available.

What sizes are TV beds available in?

TV beds at Time4Sleep are available in double, king size and super king size.

How can I find out the dimensions of a TV bed I am interested in?

Size dimensions for all of our TV beds are shown on the individual product pages. If you want specific information such as the size of the DVD or console compartment, or cannot find the information you need here, please call one of our friendly sales advisors who will be happy to assist.

Do TV beds come with a TV?

To allow you to select the television of your choice, we do not include televisions with our TV beds.

Can I also install a DVD player or games console into my TV Bed?

Many models have a compartment where DVD players or games consoles can be stored. From there, you can run the cables under the bed and into the TV compartment to connect.

Can I use my current TV with a new TV Bed?

Yes, though we would check the dimensions of any bed before you purchase. Each bed differs with regard to the size of the TV it can hold.

What size TV is best for a TV bed?

Our TV beds can hold televisions up to 42”. This gives you an optimal viewing experience as the distance from the headboard to the foot of the bed will only be around 6 or 7 foot from the TV, so a larger screen may not be the most appropriate in this case.

How do TV beds plug in?

All of the internal wires and leads are hidden inside the bed frame. To plug your TV bed into the mains, an extension lead may be required to reach the television plug beneath the bed, depending on how far away your plug socket is.

Where does the aerial go on a TV bed?

If you are using a Sky Box or other TV box that is stored under the bed, then the antenna can be plugged into this box though you may need to extend the lead depending on where this is positioned in the bedroom. 

Do TV beds have underbed storage?

All of our TV beds are built with ottoman style storage, where the bed lifts up to expose a storage space beneath the bed.

Do TV beds come with built-in speakers?

Some of our TV bed options do come with inbuilt speakers, such as our Carmel Upholstered TV Bed frame.

What are your most popular TV beds?

Our Copenhagen TV beds are highly popular with our customers. There is a variety of colours to choose from including our Copenhagen Mid Grey, Copenhagen silver crush and our Copenhagen natural velvet option. If you’re looking for something even more luxurious, then our Berkley Upholstered Royal Ottoman TV Bed is the bed for you!