Single Mattresses

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Types of Single Mattresses

Single Pocket Sprung Mattresses

A single pocket sprung mattress contains a number of individual springs within its interior, contained within small pockets. This allows them to move independently, therefore providing better support based on your sleeping positions and requirements. High quality all-rounders, pocket sprung mattresses are brilliantly cost-effective and durable.

Single Memory Foam Mattresses

Ever popular, a single memory foam mattress contours perfectly to your body shape as you sleep, reducing any pressures on the body to ensure you have a wonderful sleep, night after night. Available in a range of firmness options, a single memory foam mattress is designed with full body support and spine alignment in mind.

Single Firm Mattresses

A single firm mattress is designed to offer a much firmer sleep surface for maximum support. This provides gentle yet targeted support for your back and joints to minimise any aches and pains. Firmer mattresses are often referred to as orthopaedic mattresses, due to the increased lumbar support provided. The extra firm support distributes your body weight to relieve pressure on the spine and help it to maintain a natural alignment throughout the night. Our Time4Sleep single orthopaedic mattresses are available in firmness ranges from medium to firm dependent on your requirements.

Single mattresses are a perfect choice for a wide range of sleeping needs, and at Time4Sleep we want to make sure that you have a wide choice of mattresses. We have a firmness rating out of 5 to help you determine which one works best for the individual sleeping on the mattress.

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