Kids Cabin Beds

Kids Cabin Beds
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What is a cabin bed?

Cabin beds are children's beds with extra storage space built into the bed frame. Comfy, practical and stylish, cabin beds are typically a little higher than standard single beds, but lower than mid sleeper beds and high sleeper beds.

Our cabin beds also come with a host of storage options including built-in drawers, cupboards and shelves to help you store away any messy odds and sods and give your little one a place to display their favourite toys and books.

What ages are cabin beds suitable for?

This will largely depend on the height of your individual cabin bed, but on the whole we’d recommend cabin beds for children around six years of age to be completely safe. The increased height from a toddler bed means there is a slight risk of falling from a cabin, mid or high sleeper bed, meaning they aren't really suitable for very young toddlers. This ensures your child is old enough and tall enough to freely clamber onto their cosy mattress safely and without a struggle but still have room to grow!

For more information about transitioning to toddler beds, check out our blog on 5 Perfect Beds to Transition Your Toddler From Crib to Bed.

What storage options are available with cabin beds?

Our current range of Vancouver Cabin Beds feature a combination of book shelves, cupboards and drawer for a practical and versatile space-saving storage solution. Subtle details include gentle radius corners and finger pull doors for ease of use. Looking for more space-saving options? Check out our full selection of handy kids storage beds.

Are cabin beds safe?

Providing your child is old enough to graduate to a cabin bed and its slightly increased height, cabin beds are perfectly safe. Our cabin beds are made with the best quality materials to ensure they are strong, sturdy and stable with wide bases so you won’t need to worry about them collapsing or flipping over after an enthusiastic bout of bed jumping!

What height are your cabin beds?

At Time4Sleep, our cabin beds measure 80 cm from the ground, meaning they have a great amount of space underneath for storage.

What colour cabin bed options are there?

Our cabin beds all consist of a wooden bed frame finished in a versatile soft white. However, some of our cabin beds have different colour storage cupboard doors, with a choice of soft white, baby pink or royal blue to suit your child’s preference or bedroom design.

What size mattress do you need for a cabin bed?

Our cabin beds at Time4Sleep adhere to single bed dimensions (98 cm width x 197 cm length), so you would need to purchase a UK single mattress (90 cm width x 190 cm length) to fit the cabin bed frame snugly.

What are the advantages of a cabin bed?

Additional storage

With built in bookshelves and cupboards, there’s more bang for your buck in terms of storage when it comes to cabin beds. The extra spaces to tuck away extra bedding, books, toys, clothes or keepsakes is one of the primary benefits of opting for a cabin bed.

Sturdy and durable

Cabin beds are built with a solid foundation and often involve combining cupboards and drawers with the bed frame to create a strong and reliable bed unit. Plus, at Time4Sleep, our cabin beds are made with top quality materials meaning that you’ll be bedfellows for a good while!

Promotes tidiness

With lots of built-in storage spaces, everything can have its place when you have a cabin bed, making for a tidier bedroom space. Perfect for helping young ones form long-lasting good habits by having designated sections for books, toys and more! Makes bedrooms fun Who doesn’t love something a little different when it comes to beds? Cabin beds are bound to get kids a little more excited about their bedroom space as they provide a fun, interactive area which they can really make their own.