Kids Cabin Beds

Kids Cabin Beds
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Cabin Beds with Storage

Kids love having lots of space in their bedrooms to play about in, and cabin beds give them just that. Generally the same height as a normal bed but featuring a selection of drawers, shelves and cupboards in the space beneath the frame, they easily store away a child’s clothes, toys, games and other knick-knacks. Easy to access, they’re a better option than toy boxes, and ensure that every item gets a look-in at playtime!

Designs for Every Bedroom

Our cabin beds come in a range of different styles, materials and colours, letting you and your child pick out a bed that goes perfectly with the rest of the bedroom décor and furniture. From traditional woods to cool, modern white cabin bed designs, our range of children’s cabin beds are ready to complement both their surroundings and a child’s favourite bedding.

Cabin Beds for Girls & Boys

Stylish, well-made and useful, scroll up to explore our range of kids’ cabin beds. Help your child get an amazing night’s sleep that’ll benefit their growing minds! Our cabin beds are perfect for boys and girl's bedrooms. Our Vancouver cabin beds are available with a variety of drawer and colour options including white, blue and pink. Whether you have a little boy or a girl our cabin beds are perfect for all kids and we're sure they will love their new bed!

Cabin Beds FAQs

What is a cabin bed?

Cabin beds are children's beds which have extra storage space built into the bed frame. Cabin beds include mid sleeper beds and high sleeper beds which come with a host of storage options including built in drawers, shelves and desks.