Bedroom Accessories

Memory foam pillows can make all the difference to how you sleep, given that they support the neck, allowing air to easily flow through the oesophagus. Due to their renowned ability to support the body, they also help to ease off any pressure on your shoulders that can occur when your pillows are too thin.

On the Time 4 Sleep website we have a great range of memory foam pillows – traditionally-shaped and contoured designs are available that will easily conform to the shape of the body. Fancy a clean? Some of the designs also have zip off washable covers that can quickly be put in the washing machine, keeping your bedroom truly fresh!                                       

We also stock a variety of the most popular memory foam accessories. Toppers, which can be put on any normal mattress in order to provide a foamy feel, and mattress protectors, which protect against all sorts of spills and every day wear and tear – who doesn't want to keep their mattress in top condition, after all!                                                                                        

Our Outlast mattress protectors also benefit from being crafted from fabrics that help to keep users cool come night-time, guarding the body from annoying excess heat. If you normally don't sleep too well due to warm conditions, try one out and see what you think!