Silver Headboards

Bed Headboards

Choosing a Silver Headboard

We have a range of carefully selected silver fabrics for you to choose from in our silver headboard collection. Our Gatsby Platinum is a light silver-grey fabric, perfect for those who like to stick to neutral undertones. Our Gatsby Gun Metal is a darker, steel-like silver, with flecks of brightness that are sure to catch the natural light of your bedroom. We also have a range of designs for your dream headboard, from silver buttoned headboards to silver squared headboards and retro-style diagonal headboards.

Silver Buttoned Headboards

Our Chesterfield Winged Headboard in Silver Glitz features curved wings, buttoned upholstery and generous proportions. The crushed silver velvet fabric catches the sunlight, adding a touch of glamour, and well-matched with our mirrored furniture. Our Bella headboard in Gatsby Platinum features a deep buttoned design, and a winged headboard, creating a beautiful focal point for your bedroom. For something more dramatic, our Emma headboard features a similar design with a larger height, to create an eye-catching focal point.

Silver King Size Headboards

King Size bed frames are a popular choice for couples, providing ample room to stretch out and have a great night’s sleep. Our Silver King Size Headboards show off their gorgeous design in generous dimensions, to help you create your dream bedroom. Our Faith Headboard in Gatsby Platinum features a pleated design on each edge of the headboard, the luxurious fabric reminiscent of its precious metal namesake. Our Woodstock headboard showcases a silver glitzy border around the diamond padded centre of the headboard. Sure to be a head-turner, the points of sparkle complement the silver fabric to show off the focal point of your bedroom.

Stylish Silver Upholstered Headboards

Choosing your headboard allows you the flexibility to add some personality to your bed. Go for a retro-inspired Quinn silver headboard with a rising, cushioned headboard. Our Gatsby Gun Metal fabric is perfect for those who like their bed to be velvety soft to the touch, and the darker fabric really makes a bold statement. For something more lavish, our Sephora headboard in Gatsby Platinum features a high, squared design with diamond-patterned buttoning for a stylish finish.