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Why choose a grey bed?

Experience the transformative power of grey in your bedroom. Grey bed frames offer remarkable versatility, effortlessly complementing a range of bedroom themes. With a neutral colour palette, you can easily mix and match other colours without the need to change your bed. Grey is a timeless hue, ensuring your bed remains stylish as design trends evolve over time. Embrace the enduring appeal of a grey bed that adapts and grows with your ever-changing tastes and preferences.

Grey Bed Frames in a Variety of Styles

Our fantastic range of grey beds are available in a number of different bed frame styles to suit. This includes grey ottoman beds, and other storage frames, grey divan beds and fabric options, all available at a great low price. We also have a number of high-quality wooden grey beds available, these stunning frames help to create a modern, clean aesthetic in any bedroom and complement a number of room aesthetics perfectly.

Our Grey Bed Sizes

Our grey bed frames are available in a number of bed frame sizes including:

How should you style a grey bed?

Due to the versatility of a grey bed frame, they tend to work with a variety of colours, patterns and textures. Some of our top tips include:

  • Pairing with neutrals: Grey as a colour can work harmoniously with a variety of more neutral tones from creams, whites and pastel colours
  • Add green: Green and grey are complementary colours, incorporating green through wall colours, furnishings and bedroom plants can work wonders against a grey bed frame
  • Go bold with contrast: choose contrasting colours to create striking looks against the grey bed frame, don't be afraid to experiment and try new things, you can't really go too wrong with grey!

Remember to personalise the styling based on your preferences and the overall theme of your bedroom, allowing the grey bed to be the centrepiece that ties everything together in a cohesive and inviting manner.