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Multifunctional Beds
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What is a multifunctional bed?

A multifunctional bed is a bed that has more than one function beyond the typical bed frame. This could refer to a sofa bed which pulls out into a full-size bed, an ottoman storage bed which provides extra storage space within the bed frame, a high sleeper bed with a built-in desk or a TV bed to name a few. A bed with more than one function is sometimes called a smart bed. These are typically beds that incorporate technology either to enhance or monitor sleep cycles or provide entertainment through built-in TVs or sound systems. Read our detailed smart bed guide to find out more!

Space-saving multifunctional beds

Whether you’re looking for a bed for a smaller bedroom or are looking for a way to de-clutter your bedroom space, opting for a multipurpose bed with extra storage could be just the thing you need. From ottoman beds to beds with drawers built into the base, choosing a bed which also provides extra storage is a great option and our fantastic collection of storage beds are available in a wide range of colours, styles and sizes giving you plenty of options to choose from to suit your bedroom decor.

Multifunctional beds for kids rooms

We all know that children’s bedrooms can quickly become overcrowded with toys and clothes among other things. At Time4Sleep, we stock a great range of multifunctional beds for kids' rooms that can provide extra storage space as well as areas for your child to work and play. Our high sleeper beds are beds that are essentially bunk beds without the bed at the base. Instead, there are built in desks, wardrobes and drawers that provide extra storage space and areas for your child to play or do their homework, all located within the bed frame itself.

Our mid-sleeper beds are also fantastic multifunctional bed options. These are slightly lower to the ground and are available with a variety of shelf and drawer options built in that can be used to store clothes and toys neatly away, keeping their room clutter and mess-free.

Smart beds from Time4Sleep

For the ultimate viewing experience, choose a smart multifunctional TV bed that provides a comfortable space to sleep and acts as an entertainment area with a TV platform built into the foot of the bed that you can pop up or down at the touch of a button. These beds are perfect for de-clittering a bedroom and freeing up space, as there is no need to add any extra furniture to place a TV on top of, and all of the wirings are hidden within the bed itself!