Mid Sleeper Beds

Mid Sleeper Beds

Mid Sleeper Beds with Storage

Mid-sleeper beds are a great option for kids who need a bit of storage space for toys, games, schoolwork, and clothes. Because all this storage is contained within the footprint of the bed, it also means they have more space in the bedroom for furniture, toys or just a bit of extra room to play in. Read more in our super storage beds guide.

Mid Sleeper Beds with Desks

A wonderful solution for smaller bedrooms, a mid-sleeper bed featuring a built-in desk offers your child an excellent area to draw, play, or complete their homework. The integrated desk within the bed frame not only optimises space but also provides your child with the perfect workstation to engage in both academic and recreational activities.

A Variety of Mid Sleeper Bed Options

Mid sleeper beds come in a variety of designs and configurations, though they're normally high enough that a short ladder is needed to get in. And while storage is the most common use for the under bed space, imaginative youngsters can make anything they like out of it there are even some designs that come with their own tent for a super-secret hideout! Our mid sleepers are available in beautiful neutral white, which is perfect for almost any child's bedroom.

Mid Sleeper FAQs

What is a mid sleeper bed?

A mid sleeper bed is a type of cabin bed which tend to be higher than cabin beds but lower in height than high sleeper beds. A mid sleeper bed has a ladder to allow the child access to the bed and built into the bed frame there are usually drawers, shelves and desks for added storage and play space.

What storage is included with a mid sleeper bed?

Our mid sleeper beds come with a range of storage options including drawers, cupboards and shelves - perfect for keeping your child's bedroom tidy and clutter-free.

What ages are mid sleeper beds for?

Mid sleeper beds are for children aged 6 and up according to guidelines from the manufacturers.

Are mid sleeper beds safe?

All of our mid sleeper beds are built to the highest UK and EU standards meaning that once built, the frames will be structurally sound and safe. The guard rail is raised above the mattress which is there to prevent your child from rolling off the bed at night. We would also advise directing children to always use the stairs when climbing up to the bed to make it easier and safer for them to get to bed and get a good night's rest.