What is a Smart Bed?

Jonathan Warren

Author: Jonathan Warren



Newsflash: technology is all around us, even when we sleep. And we don't just mean your phone or the SAD light on your bedside table. You can now get tech in your actual bed – yep, you heard us, in your bed.

The last few years have seen some incredible innovative new ways of introducing technology into the bedroom, all in the name of improved comfort and better-quality sleep. But in a world where everything seems to have integrated Bluetooth and is considered 'smart', what exactly is a 'smart bed'?

Well, our sleepy comrade, we’re here to reveal all! Here's our guide to different types of smart beds, what they are, how they can improve your sleep, and whether they actually live up to the hype.

What is a Smart Bed?

A smart bed is any bed that uses a form of technology to improve your sleeping experience. Simples.

What are the different types of technologies used in Smart Beds?

Media beds

From USB ports to built-in speakers, a media bed is the king of all Smart Beds. These types of technological advancements might not be purely focussed on improving your sleep quality, but they definitely add a sense of ultimate comfort to your bed.

Take TV beds for example, which neatly house a TV screen into the foot of your bed, which turn your bedroom into a cosy home cinema, making you the envy of all your family and friends. Find out why your bedroom needs a TV bed.

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Sleep monitoring beds

As more of us look to enhance our sleep quality and general wellbeing, knowing how and when you’re having your best sleep is a great tool in your snoozing arsenal. Sleep monitoring tracks your movement, heart rate and breathing throughout the night, providing you with key insights regarding sleep duration and quality.

Position control

If you’ve ever been propped up in bed on precisely positioned pillows, you'd be forgiven for wishing that every time you lay down everything was already in the perfect position. Well, wish no more. Smart Beds with position control technology enable your bed to be adjusted to suit your preferred sleeping pose. You can even get a bed that has two independent position controls, just in case you and your partner can't agree on the best angle!

Temperature regulation

Heed our warning: never, ever underestimate the importance of your room temperature when it comes to the perfect night’s sleep. Remember: too cold a room and you might find it hard to drift off, but too much heat could leave you tossing and turning. A temperature control bed can help regulate the temperature of your mattress, making sure your body temperature is kept just right.

You could also combine this tech with one of our top-quality temperature regulation mattresses that help draws moisture away from your body to maintain optimal sleeping conditions. Result.

Self-making beds

Yes, self-making beds exist. Game. Changer. Coming back to scruffy sheets will be a thing of the past if you opt for a Smart Bed with self-making technology. Using a series of inflatable tubes concealed within your duvet, self-making Smart Beds return everything to their usual place with air. This kind of tech could be an absolute winner if you suffer from mobility issues or if your mornings are the textbook definition of manic.

Can tech improve your sleep quality?

The majority of technical features associated with smart beds are designed to improve sleep quality and it's clear to see how they could enhance your night-time slumber.

For the data driven, sleep monitoring can be a gateway to understanding how to sleep better. For the athletic among us, temperature regulation could be the key to improved recovery. For sufferers of snoring or bad backs, position control is definitely a way to ease your symptoms. There are so many options to explore, but smart beds are definitely an easy way of improving your quality of sleep.

Are Smart Beds worth it?

Now we know what a Smart Bed has to offer, does it live up to the hype? At Time4Sleep, we believe a good night's kip has long been overlooked and it's great to see technological improvements focused on delivering a better-quality sleep. If you struggle to wake up feeling refreshed and ready to go, smart technology such as temperature regulation or position control could be just the thing you’ve been missing.

Or, for those needing to create a more comfortable environment, media technology could make hitting the hay a little more appealing. We know we can't get the thought of our Dorchester Ottoman TV Bed out of our heads during the Christmas film season.

So, the real question is how much are you willing to invest in your sleep? The chances are that investing in a smart bed will be the most intelligent decision you have ever made.