Orthopaedic Mattresses

Orthopaedic Mattresses
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Whether you're looking for an economical, yet comfortable solution to your mattress needs, or are in need of a unit that takes into account any back problems you might have, the Ortho Collection is simply unbeatable.

These mattresses come with a variety of fillings –cashmere, silk, wool, or cotton – and have high-quality exteriors that are sure to have you sleeping in supreme comfort and luxury! Need more information? Don't hesitate to call or email one of our expert staff.

Affordable ortho mattresses

Our range of Orthopaedic mattresses includes more affordable models, perfect for guest rooms or those savvy to get a good deal. Our Ortho Luxury 1000 pocket mattresses features a compact design yet has plenty of support within its compact body to help improve your sleep. Our V Fibre ortho mattress offers a perfect solution for those who haven’t been able to find a firm enough mattress, offering back support by ensuring that you stay flat all night if you have spine problems.

Luxury ortho mattresses

Our Sleep Sanctuary Crystal 3000 Pocket Mattress offers a huge amount of pocket springs for a luxury firmer feel. The pocket springs help contour to your body, perfect for those who require extra support for medical reasons. Handstitched in Yorkshire, we can guarantee that it is made to the highest quality and made with locally sourced ingredients for a mattress that will last years to come. We have this item in our showroom and it is raved about by customers – order today and see why it is one of our most popular ortho mattresses.