Trundle Beds

Trundle Beds

What is a trundle bed?

A trundle bed is a regular bed with another bed neatly hidden underneath and is one of the greatest ways of saving space when it comes to beds. The underneath bed is mounted on wheels, making it nice and straightforward to roll out your spare bed whenever you need an extra place to sleep. 

What are the benefits of a trundle bed?

 Whether you have limited room and need to think about how to save some extra space or you need another bed to cater for any unplanned sleepovers or holiday guests, a  trundle bed is a great space saving solution for any home. They are also incredibly straightforward to set up when needed and hidden away very easily – simply roll out or in at your leisure!

Trundle beds for kids

When it comes to childrens’ bedrooms, a trundle bed is always a good idea. Perfect for smaller bedrooms, the trundle bed will be able to work in cosy spaces and offers up a second bed for whenever you are hosting your little one’s friends for a cheeky sleepover. Our Portland White Bed Frame with Liv & Lou Guest Underbed is perfect for kids as it embodies everything that is good about the trundle bed – a stylish bed frame with a contemporary finish and a comfy bed neatly tucked underneath.  

Can adults sleep on trundle beds?

The answer is yes! Adults can sleep on trundle beds too making them perfect if you like to flex your hosting skills in the holiday season or if you have regular houseguests.  

What size mattress fits a trundle bed?

We offer a range of mattresses to ensure that you have a perfect setup for your trundle beds. With the upper bed fitting any of the comfortable single mattresses, and our underbeds of the trundle fitting our specially designed compact single mattresses, we have ensured that your trundle bed is the ultimate space-saving design.

What's the difference between a trundle bed and a daybed?

A day bed doubles up as a bed and a sofa making it an ideal space saver in any home#, but not every daybed comes complete with an under bed. A trundle bed does come with a secondary bed hidden neatly underneath and is designed to provide two separate sleeping spaces. That said, sometimes beds can be both! Our Espirit Upholstered Day Bed is a classic example of how you can get the best of both worlds!

Day Beds with Trundle

Day beds have become a staple for guest rooms with limited storage, offering a comfortable seat within the day, and extending to fit 2 adults to sleep on an evening. Our Chesterfield and Hampton daybeds come with guest underbeds which can be hidden away when not in use, perfect for limited space or for showing off their beautiful exterior during the day.

Space-Saving Trundle Beds

Trundle beds offer a practical solution to almost instantly double the space of the single mattress base. For those emergency winter guests, or for spontaneous sleepovers, our range of trundle beds allows for a hidden double bed without the hassle of a blow-up bed! Our white wooden Charleston and Portland Trundle beds offer a minimalist and stylish white wooden frame.