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Choosing an Ochre Headboard

If you are looking for a warm, unique shade for your bedroom, our range of ochre headboard styles may be your perfect match. Showing off its gold undertones, ochre creates a sense of glamour and opulence, great for matching with both a bold and minimalistic colour scheme. We have curated a range of designs that make the most of this adventurous colour; our buttoned design and winged headboards feed into that glamorous feel while remaining homely. Ochre blends well with pale greens and greys giving you versatile décor options to accentuate this bed. 

Ochre Buttoned Headboards

Our Bella Gatsby Ochre Headboard features a deep buttoned design, and a winged headboard, creating a beautiful focal point for your bedroom. For something more dramatic, our Emma headboard features a similar design with a larger height, to create an eye-catching focal point. Or, if you aren’t looking for a winged headboard our Rylee Gatsby Ochre Headboard has delicate buttoning and stitching to create a smooth line for a contemporary room design.

Ochre Retro Headboards

For something out of the ordinary, our Quinn Headboard in Gatsby Ochre features an angled, rising headboard that is cushioned to create an opulent look. The vertical stitching and interesting angle of the headboard catches the eye for all the right reasons, evoking a retro hotel aesthetic. The velvet feel fabric is soft to the touch, offering an opulent feel to your bed. We recommend matching this with our range of mirrored bedside tables and chests to really draw the eye back to the gorgeous hue of the fabric. Our Faith Headboard in Gatsby Ochre features a pleated design on each edge of the headboard, the luxurious fabric reminiscent of its precious metal namesake. The generous dimensions and squared off-angle of the top draw the eye to your bedframe and match with a bold and fun interior.