Mirrored Bedside Tables

Mirrored Bedside Tables

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Beautiful Mirror & Glass Bedside Tables

Enhance any bedroom space with our stylish and glamorous collection of mirrored bedside tables. The inherent reflectiveness of the bedside tables will light up your room and help give the illusion of space, whilst adding that contemporary chic tough every bedroom needs.

Chic Storage Solutions

Our mirrored bedside tables & cabinets are crafted using materials of the finest quality. The base or frame of the furniture is made using solid engineered wood and durable fine grade steel, complemented by high-quality mirrors to add that finishing touch. This way, we can ensure all of our mirrored bedroom furniture not only looks great but is also built to last whilst offering that stylish extra storage space for your bedroom. We also offer a fantastic selection of mirrored chest of drawers to perfectly complement our stylish range of bedside tables.

Making the right choice

Whether you're looking to give your bedroom that glamorous look, or just looking to add a contemporary touch, when browsing our range of mirrored bedside tables it's always important to make the right choice. At Time4Sleep we have a wide variety of mirrored bedside tables to choose from so you can find the exact match for your refined style. Here are some things to consider when making your choice:

Mirrored Bedside Tables for Storage - Our mirrored bedside tables have a variety of drawer layouts. It is worth having an idea of what you are looking to store in the drawers beforehand, as bedside tables with deeper drawers are good for storing clothes and books; whilst shallow drawers are ideal for smaller items.

Placing Mirrored Bedside Tables - Another important factor to consider is the space available in your bedroom, in relation to the existing furniture. It's definitely worth measuring this space, as well as the height of the bed and the bedside table. Ideally, the height of the bed and bedside table should be similar, to allow easy reach.

Mirrored Bedside Table Cleaning Tips

As we all know, mirrors; as stylish, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective they are, are also a fairly fragile material, so require a little care to prevent damage. Here are some tips to maintain that glamorous and stylish touch the mirrored bedroom furniture brings, so it keeps holding that day one look.

  • When using commercial cleaning products, avoid spraying them directly onto the mirrored surface. Instead, spray the clean piece of the cloth and then wipe the surface.
  • The best cloth to use to clean mirrored surfaces is made of microfibre material.
  • Check that the cloth does not shed lint, as this can scratch the mirror.
  • Avoid dragging items across the surface as this can also cause scratches. - Do not place any heavy objects on the surface. "