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One of the most important things to note before choosing a new bed frame is what size bed your bedroom can comfortably fit. Considering bed length and headboard height is important, especially in new builds which are notorious for limited bedroom space!

Next to decide upon – colour! Have you decided on your dream colour scheme? We recommend either choosing a neutral fabric or wood to go with bright and bold room colours or going for a bright-coloured fabric bed frame which is complemented by a more neutral bedroom.

It is always good to consider storage options, we have a wide range of Ottoman gas lift bed frames which effortlessly hide away clothes, shoes and luggage to leave your bedroom clutter-free.


What types of bed frames do you offer?

If you're looking for extra storage, then our storage beds are perfect for you. Our gas lift ottoman bed frames ensure plenty of storage, while our bed frames with drawers help you tuck away and organise your belongings.

If you're looking for something a little more luxurious our TV beds are a firm favourite with our customers. Cosy up for movie nights, or easily join friends on a game – and when you’re finished, you can hide your TV away at the touch of a button on the handy remote.

If you are looking for a statement bed frame, we offer bedframes with a high, buttoned headboard to really make a statement. Or perhaps our wooden sleigh beds, with a touch of classic French design, will be the eye-catching piece you have been dreaming of.

Divan beds are also a popular bed choice. Our divan beds feature sturdy upholstered bases and ample storage options with built-in drawers included in a large number of our divan bed options.

Explore our impressive range of sofa beds and guest beds, specially curated for guest rooms. With a diverse selection of styles and colours, these multifunctional beds are ideal for optimising limited floor space. Not only do they enhance the aesthetic appeal of your guest room, but they also ensure your visitors enjoy a supremely comfortable night's sleep. Choose from our fantastic collection to provide your guests with the perfect blend of style and restful accommodation.

Wooden beds and metal bed frames also provide a sturdy and restful night's sleep and are available in a variety of designs and colours to match your aesthetics.

We also offer a range of children’s beds, as we know that it is equally as important to have your children's bedroom looking stylish. We have high sleepers, bunk beds, plenty of chic single beds and storage options available for toys, books and games.

For more detailed guidance on our available bed frames, take a look at our bed buying guide!


What bed frame sizes are available?

We stock five different bed frame sizes:

Take a look at our bed size guide for more detailed guidance on bed sizes and lengths to ensure you find the right bed for you.


What bed size is right for me?

Single beds are perfect for smaller spaces or children’s rooms, and our wide range of quality designs ensures that you don’t miss out on style when minimising space. Small doubles can be ideal in guest rooms, where you may have couples over to stay, and are perfect for growing teens.

Double beds are one of the most popular options for couples, making a comfortable sleeping platform with an ideal-sized exterior. Meanwhile, our king size and super king size beds are wonderful for those who love to stretch out – whether in a couple or not!

Whenever you’re buying a new bed, it’s important to measure your available floor space to make sure that your new bed will fit, and won’t get in the way of any other furniture or drawers. When buying a new bed, it’s also important to consider your requirements based on your size and even health or accessibility needs. Beds come in all shapes, sizes and heights so considering what you need from your bed is key.


What colour beds are available?

We know that some people prefer a natural, neutral shade, and some love a bold pop of colour. So, we have carefully curated a range of bed frame colours available to help you match your dream colour scheme.

Our neutral shades include beige and cream tones, along with oak and white wooden finishes for a peaceful and bright room hue. These bed frames are timeless and will be able to match your creative changes throughout the years.

We also have a selection of vivid colours: beautiful pinks, ochre, and light blue shades to help create a room with a fun shade.

Our darker shades, including deep oak, dark blue and forest green, help to create a stylish and tranquil design. These choices are great for those who want an unapologetically bold room design.

What colour bed you opt for can be vital when designing the overall look of your bedroom. It’s important to consider what other furniture you’ll be incorporating into the room so that there is a seamless blend throughout.


Bed Finance Options

Klarna available. For more information visit our finance page.


How to Style a Bed

Styling your new bed doesn’t need to be a daunting experience. Select bedding sets in colours that complement your room’s theme - whether it’s calming neutrals, bold statements or modern patterns. Add plush cushions and throws and begin experimenting with different textures and pops of colour. Layering can help create depth, and consider a statement headboard for added flair.


Beds Built to Last

Our bed frames are made from the highest quality, durable materials meaning that with the proper care, they can last for many years to come. Bed frames typically last anywhere from 10 to 20 years so you could be enjoying your new Time4Sleep bed for many years to come.


How to buy a bed frame online At Time4Sleep

At Time4Sleep, we keep our prices low year-round, to give you a variety of beds for sale online. You can browse our website, add your favourites to your basket and then checkout using credit/debit card, PayPal or using Klarna’s payment options. If you prefer to order over the phone, you can pay via credit/debit card or DivideBuy by calling our friendly sales team on 01484500560.