Mirrored Bedroom Furniture

Mirrored Bedroom Furniture
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Mirrored Bedroom Sets

A mirrored bedroom set is a great way to add brightness and style to your bedroom. You can choose between our mirrored chest of drawers, dressing tables, and bedside tables to mix and match your perfect set of mirrored bedroom furniture. While our glass bedroom furniture sets create handy storage space, its ultimate focal point is the glossy finish, sure to catch the eye and become your new favourite part of your bedroom. Our Linea mirrored bedroom set features our Linea Mirrored 3 Drawer Bedside, with plenty of storage in the three handy drawers, and a glossy finish on all sides to ensure your bedside catches lots of natural light. We also have our Linea Mirrored 3 Drawer Chest, featuring soft close drawers to add a touch of luxury to the flawless piece of glass furniture. The three solid mirrored panels on both our Linea Bedside and Chest of Drawers creates an effortlessly stylish feel, instantly elevating your bedroom. Our Sorrento mirrored bedroom set features smaller glass panels, making up a statement mirrored furniture range. The name deriving from the Italian town overlooking the Bay of Naples, this glass furniture range brings light and fun to your bedroom. The Sorrento two drawer bedside features ample storage space, and a compact modern design. The Sorrento 3 Drawer Mirrored Chest has generous proportions and storage space, complimented by modern feet and a streamlined glass panel design. Our Sorrento Mirror Dressing table also features a great amount of storage, perfect for your dressing room.

Modern Mirrored Furniture

Replacing traditional wooden bedroom furniture with mirrored and glass bedroom sets is an easy way to modernize your bedroom space, adapting to modern construction techniques. Our Sorrento Mirror Dressing table is a gorgeous modern addition to any dressing room, with generous storage and a white exterior to match with a wide range of colour schemes. The modern lightweight feet ensure the glass front remains the centre of attention, while the crystal-inspired handles finish off the modern and stylish feel. Our Linea grey modern mirrored bedside and chest feature a grey glossy exterior, perfect for darker colour schemes. This glass bedroom set contrasts from the classic glass-fronted mirrored bedroom furniture, and has a uniquely modern feel, fitting in well with popular neutral colour schemes while delivering a strong pop of colour. The generous drawers feature a soft close mechanism, combining modernity with style.

Mirrored Bedroom Furniture FAQs

How to protect mirrored furniture

Our top tip is to please avoid placing sharp items on top of your mirrored furniture, as this can scratch and mark the top of your bedroom furniture. Mirrors are naturally more fragile than wooden furniture, so need a little bit of extra care to keep them looking their best. It is also worth considering where you want to place your mirrored furniture. Places really close to a doorframe, close to a child’s play area, are bound to bring a little more risk than quieter areas of the home.

How to clean mirrored furniture

To clean your mirrored furniture, you can use a soft microfiber cloth weekly to keep the shine and gloss in your glass furniture. This will help remove a buildup of dust, dirt and fibres, especially on bedside tables that are right next to you every night. Please avoid any harsh chemicals, and instead opt for a gentler, more natural solution of heavily diluted white vinegar in water.

Can you mix glass furniture with wood?

Absolutely! We love how versatile glass furniture is, perfect for just about every room design. We would recommend our mirrored furniture with dark or light oak wooden bedframes, the contrast between the natural wood and the modern mirrored bedroom set creates a beautiful feel. We would also recommend our grey Linea mirrored bedroom furniture matches well with wooden bedframes, creating a darker room colour scheme which is a great base for neutral furnishings.

How to remove streaks from glass

It can be frustrating to see streaks on your glass and mirrored furniture sets. We have a few tips to keep your furniture gleaming and streak-free:

1) You can simply use a soft microfiber cloth dampened with some water, or some heavily diluted white vinegar to remove streaks from your mirrored furniture. Work gently while you are cleaning, as your glass furniture is a little more delicate than your other bedroom furniture sets.

2) Prevention - Inspect your furniture from every angle in the daylight when cleaning. It is easy to miss a spot when doing a weekly clean and taking a few seconds to look over each angle of your mirrored furniture is the key to avoiding seeing any streaks after you are finished cleaning.

5: Is mirrored furniture hard to keep clean?

It is true that mirrored furniture can be susceptible to fingerprints and more visible dust due to the glass finish, however, it is worth taking a few extra minutes in your weekly cleaning regime for a gleaming mirrored furniture set that you can admire every day. Mirrored furniture requires a gentle dust weekly, something easy to incorporate in your existing cleaning system in your bedroom. We would suggest a regular clean of your glass furniture every week, to keep your mirrored bedroom set looking its best.