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Guest bed sets are very functional as they can be used in a few different ways but when not in use hardly take up any room at all! When buying a guest bed though, you must be mindful of the mattress depth of your purchase in order for you to store away easily beneath the main bed – this should be no higher than 17cm.

Sofa beds are another piece of functional furniture that will provide you with extra sitting space that will instantly turn into a spare bed! Sofa beds have come a long way in the design stakes over recent years and there is now a fabulous choice available in many different fabrics such as faux leather and faux suede! Manufacturers such as Serene Furnishings have been working hard to produce easy use products that aren't compromised when it comes to style!

Day beds are known for their pretty, romantic look – mainly taking influences from French inspired furniture, these items take a full size UK single mattress but when not in use can be used as a chill out area by throwing plenty of cushions against the back rest. The most popular colours for a day bed tend to be white, ivory or black Under beds can also be purchased to stow underneath a day bed which will then expand your selection of guest beds even further!

If fast delivery is important to you its worth mentioning that we carry many of our featured models of guest beds and day beds in stock meaning that if you get last minute visitors you still have time to sort out the sleeping arrangements!

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