Industrial Style Beds

Industrial Style Beds

Industrial Beds with Storage

Creating an industrial style bedroom comes with its perks – you can choose hidden Ottoman storage in our wooden industrial storage beds to free up space in your bedroom. Our Brookes Wooden Ottoman Storage Bed features a dark oak design, and the different shades of brown help to create an industrial and rustic feel to your bedroom. Matched with our Brookes Bedside, you can easily create an industrial-looking bedroom that maintains and polished and streamlined approach.

Industrial Metal Bed Frames

An industrial metal bed frame is a simple way to bring a rustic feel to your bedroom, helping you create an industrial style bedroom easily. With our Halston Bedframe, choose from a black finish in our single, double and king-size industrial bed frames to create a chic industrial feel, perfect for matching with a darker interior and allowing other elements of your colour scheme to pop. Or our copper finish industrial bed adds a shiny element to your industrial style bedroom, matching well with the simple and sturdy manufacture of the bedframe.

Modern Industrial Style Beds

Choosing an industrial bedframe is all about embracing modern designs while keeping to a rustic and chic colour scheme. Our Malmo New Oak Wooden Ottoman Industrial Bedframe features a gorgeous, slatted headboard, solid footboard and side rails that celebrates the rustic beauty of hardwood with a dense, close-knit grain design. The hidden and generous ottoman storage space will help you keep a tidy, clutter-free and chic industrial bedroom. Our Plank Bedframe is another of our modern industrial bedframes, featuring a chunky solid pine design that fits perfectly into the growing trend of an industrial looking bedroom. The Plank Industrial Wooden Bed Frame is designed to match with our Plank 2 Drawer Bedside, the perfect starting point to build your rustic bedroom aesthetic around.

Industrial Bed Frame FAQS

1: What is an industrial style bed?

An industrial style bed combines natural, raw materials and a sturdy frame to celebrate the beauty of industry. A wooden industrial bed praises the naturally strong properties of wood, providing a chic bed frame perfect for contemporary bedrooms. A metal industrial bed frame features a simple yet strong metal frame, showing off the beauty of a simplistic rustic design.

2: What are your most popular industrial style beds?

Our most popular industrial style bedframes include our solid wooden beds, helping to bring a sense of nature to your bedroom while ensuring your bedframe will last for years to come. Our Plank bedframe is increasingly popular with industrial chic bedrooms, alongside our Brookes Ottoman. Our Halston Metal bed frame is also popular, with a choice of both black and copper rustic exteriors to choose from.

3: How can I create an industrial style bedroom?

Creating an industrial style bedroom is easier than you think. Sticking to neutral tones and natural materials in your bed and bedroom furniture is key for a chic industrial bedroom. But, don’t be afraid to add a pop of colour with accessories., a rustic industrial bedroom style goes well with dark green tones, reds, blues and gold. We recommend choosing a bold, statement bedframe (like our Plank industrial bedframe) and creating an industrial style bedroom around this with matching bedroom furniture in wood and metal to compliment the theme.

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