Sleeping under a blanket even when hot… a psychological thing?

Jonathan Warren

Author: Jonathan Warren



86522179(1)Have you ever wondered why you feel the need to be under the covers even when it's too hot to do it comfortably? One contributor to popular community-based site Reddit explained, from the point of view of a psychology major, what it's all about. Under the pseudonym of that-freakin-guy, the writer explained how we have many more senses than "just the regular five you know of", and that the sensation of feeling protected is very important to us - biologically-speaking, it starts when we're in the womb as part of an "air-tight water-sealed capsule". He continued: "After we're born, things tend to change a bit. No more water surrounding us constantly, but now we have blankets which do a pretty great job in and of themselves. Blankets replicate that feeling of water around us, because they activate the somatic sense for pressure which is a fond memory we have of the womb pre-birth. It's not exactly a memory, just a part of our biological development." While he was unsure of his conclusions, the writer nonetheless opened a massive debate on the site - you can read the discussion here.