Sleep tourism: Best spots

Jonathan Warren

Author: Jonathan Warren



86506289"Sleep tourism" is an ever-growing industry and caters to individuals looking to escape the stress and strain of everyday life and secure a good night's sleep in a comfortable bed in a relaxing environment. In light of its growing popularity, the Guardian has given its verdict on the best hotels to sleep in (January 13th). Its top picks are found in various locations across the world, including London, Paris Switzerland and the US. On our own doorstep, in the capital of London, is the Milestone Hotel in Kensington, which offers its customers a "Sleep Experience Package". During a stay here, you can expect to receive a one-to-one session with sleep expert Tej Samani, a relaxing massage and nutritional advice. Fancy having your sleeping patterns filmed and have your sleeping problems diagnosed? Then the medical centre at Grand Resort Bad Ragaz in Switzerland is the place for you. Alternatively, if you are a fan of the Wild West, as well as a decent night's sleep, you may be interested in the Rest & Rejuvenation Retreat at Canyon Ranch in Tuscon. This ranch-inspired sleep hotel preaches the teachings of nutrition, meditation, yoga and self-hypothesis.