Harrods releases £1,600 bed for pampered pets

Jonathan Warren

Author: Jonathan Warren



In some people's eyes, nothing is too much for their pet, but with Harrods' release of a £1,600 jewelled dog bed, this sentiment has certainly been carried farther than most would be willing to go. The prize item of Harrods' new range of dog furniture has just gone on sale alongside pet fashion from the likes of Burberry and Mulberry. So what warrants this eye-watering price tag? Well, the solid wood bed is entirely handmade, and is covered with a sheepskin mattress and hundreds of Swarovski crystals. Another item for sale in the range is a Harrods' Pet Kingdom Harrods' Pet Kingdom set of leopard print steps which come in at £495 and are designed to allow dogs to climb up to their luxury bed chamber. The furniture range was inspired by chihuahua Rocky Noble, who claimed the title of Britain’s best-dressed dog last year. Owner Lynsey Noble is no stranger to the realm of luxury pet fashion, having provided Rocky with a wardrobe of more than 1,500 outfits worth over £2,500. Inspired by the famous chihuahua's fashion credentials, staff at Harrods' Pet Kingdom decided to create the range of luxury pet furniture. Commenting on Rocky's influence on the range, owner Lynsey Noble said: "It’s unbelievable to think he has a furniture range named after him, but it’s completely mad that it will be sold in Harrods. "Everyone is so excited about getting the Noble name into Harrods - and all thanks to a little dog. I have to keep pinching myself because it all just feels like a dream."