Dreamworks Beds

Jonathan Warren

Author: Jonathan Warren



If you have ever gone into a bed store looking to buy a bed or mattress then there’s every chance you will have seen some Dreamworks products. They supply many of the UK’s top bed retailers with their high quality crafted beds and with over 30 years of experience are a brand you can rely on to deliver great service every time. There are lots of bed manufacturers vying for sales, so what makes Dreamworks Beds a popular choice with stockists? First and foremost is the passion they have for their product and going the extra mile to give customers what they want. They will even manufacture beds in special sizes if asked and their ability to meet orders to tight timescales is second to none. They employ agents to scour the globe sourcing the best raw materials at the right prices. Once materials are found they are brought to the UK where up to the minute manufacturing techniques pooled with inspired design and outstanding craftsmanship are used to produce beds of the finest quality. Dreamworks believe (correctly) that customers want a well designed product made with the best quality materials at a reasonable price. A bed like the Dreamworks Kobe is all the proof you need, to see that they deliver on all of these fronts. A modern design with an understated look that shows off the quality of the Solid Oak and oak veneers used to manufacture this modern low style bed sets the Kobe apart from many of its competitors in the same price range. The Dreamworks philosophy of providing the very best in service, quality and value is commendable and they bring this attitude to each and every piece they make. They have a diverse portfolio ranging from beds and headboards to Mattresses all competitively priced and lovingly made. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a luxurious divan or a mattress you can be sure they will be made from the best raw material affordable. A bed like the Ella Guest bed is by no means a lavish, sumptuous bed. What it is though is a very well designed practical bed made from hardwood offering a great space saving design (see picture above). The bed comes with two full size no turn mattresses and in fact you are basically getting two single beds and two mattresses for under £490.00. That represents real value for money as do all the other Dreamworks Beds we stock. As Dreamworks Beds say themselves “Why sleep on an ordinary bed?... When you can enjoy a Dreamworks Bed!”