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Man discovers artistic talent in his sleep

A man who claims to have no artistic talent in his waking life has been drawing pictures in his sleep, IBTimes UK reports. Thirty-nine-year-old insurance professional Lee Hadwin has captured the attention of the art world with a series of drawings produced in his sleep, including a portrait of Marilyn Monroe.

Hadwin claims that his urge to draw is so strong that he once drew charcoal circles on the wall of a friend's house using chicken bones taken from a barbecue while asleep. Hadwin now keeps stacks of paper and paints underneath his bed so they will be within easy reach if his night-time inspiration takes hold.

Many critics believe that Hadwin is a fraud who is fully aware of his actions, but has invented the sleep story to garner attention. Others say that he is not an artist because he is not conscious during the process of producing art. Unruffled by these allegations, Hadwin remarked: "If I was doing a scam then I would be a lot more rich than I am." He also hopes to undergo tests in Japan which will be able to confirm that he is an authentic sleep artist.

Whether or not Hadwin's drawings are authentic, the implication of what sleep drawings could reveal about the unconscious mind has certainly captured the attention of the world. Fittingly, 13 of Lee Hadwin's sleep images will be put on display in Ripley's Believe It or Not! – a space dedicated to displaying weird and wonderful objects from around the world. The series of drawings will be on display in the Ripley's in London until September 29th so that visitors can decide for themselves if they believe in their authenticity.

Man discovers artistic talent in his sleep Sleep artist Lee Hadwin

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