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Create a comfortable sleeping area for good quality sleep

86513426Creating a bedroom that is as dark, quiet and comfortable as possible may help individuals who are struggling to get good quality sleep in their antique beds at night, according to a leading sleep expert.

Dr William C Dement, sleep medicine and sleep disorders specialist at Stanford University, offered his words of wisdom in an interview with the Herald News (published January 19th), and emphasised the importance of a regular sleep pattern.

He explained that getting at least 15 minutes of sunlight each day can help cement a healthy sleep cycle, as can refraining from taking naps during the day.

It isn't a good idea to eat a big meal just before bed, he added, but dairy products contain the natural sleep chemical tryptophan and can help you drift off to sleep. Meanwhile, there is no point getting into bed if you feel tired, either. If you don't feel sleepy, curling up with a good book and glass of milk can help you wind down.

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