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Do you have the UK's most mischievous toddler?

The search is on to find the UK’s most mischievous toddler! Online bed specialist, Time 4 Sleep, is calling for parents and carers across the UK to get involved and submit photos of their mischievous and cheeky toddlers getting up to no good, in round two of the Mischievous Toddler campaign, which first ran in 2014. Recent research conducted by Time 4 Sleep1 revealed that over two thirds of parents (71%) have had to redecorate or replace items in a room in their house due to their children,...

When should you drink your final coffee of the day?

The warm comfort of coffee can be alluring as you snuggle down on an evening, but its hindering effects on sleep are well documented. A drink too close to bedtime can leave you lying restless, unable to drop off into peaceful slumber. But how exactly does caffeine affect the human body and more importantly, how can someone use this information to inform their coffee schedule?   Caffeine, of course, can be found in a wide variety of foods and drinks, not just coffee, and is the most widely c...

Five signs you might need to take a duvet day

Feeling stressed, exhausted or simply need a day off to refresh and recuperate? A duvet day could be just the answer you’re looking for. Duvet days give employers a chance to give back to their staff and provide a productive workplace ethic. And for employees, it’s a chance to rest and recover when they might need it the most. Our latest study of over 1,000 UK adults revealed that over a third (34%) of people think duvet days are a good idea, and 36% believe they help with stress and anxiety...

UK's 'Speediest' Sheet Changer

We've been searching the nation for the UK's 'speediest' sheet changer - the person who can get the job done in the quickest or most unusual way! We had some fantastic entries to the competition and are pleased to announce that the winner of the competition is Sally Johnston, from East Yorkshire - congratulations! Sally was able to change her sheets in the fastest time and has won a luxury OneLife mattress, worth £379. We had some fantastic entries to the competition and below are our top three...

Are You The UK's Speediest Sheet Changer?

We’re on the search for the UK’s speediest sheet changer – the person who can get the job done in the quickest or most unusual way possible! Do you have some top tips you could share with the nation? Have you found a way of making bed-change day more fun? For a chance to win a luxury Onelife double mattress, worth £379, send us a video of you changing your bed sheets as fast as you can. Think you have what it takes? Unleash your inner domestic talent and submit your video entry below. On ...

Solving Kids’ Sleeping Problems

Most parents will agree that part of having kids is getting woken up in the middle of the night, or early in the morning! But while a few wake-up calls here and there are perfectly normal, constant sleep problems can quickly become an issue, hurting both you and your child’s sleep. There’s no need to keep suffering and worrying though – here’s everything you need to know about solving sleeping problems for good. They won’t go to bed The only way to get your tot to sleep is to be consi...

How to Transition from a Cot to a Bed

Trying anything new with a child can often be a bit of a challenge. Childhood is often a time when routine is best, and anticipating your child’s reaction to change can sometimes be difficult. Throughout their early years however, there are some changes that are inevitable, one being the transition from a cot to a bed. There’s no predicting how it might go, but here we lay out some handy tips that could just make the change a little easier on you both. Why move to a bed? Children grow at a ...

Sleepiest Pets Competition

Do you have the sleepiest pet in the UK? Have you ever looked at your pet and envied their life? Do they snooze more than you can keep track of? When your world is your bedroom, you can sleep just about anywhere! Some of our pets take this too far and nap in the most unusual and hilarious places. If this sounds like your pet, we want to hear from you!

Five tips for couples that are about to move in together

We recently carried out some research looking into the compromises couples make when they move in together and the things that annoy Brits the most about living with their partner. The research discovered that, when it comes to annoying bedroom habits, snoring tops the list, with over 28 million people (44%) in the UK admitting that their other half’s noisy sleeping habit irritates them. Other bedroom habits testing the nation’s relationships include; hogging the bed sheets (23%), leaving th...

Best-Dressed Bed Competition

Do you have the UK’s best-dressed bed? We’re a nation that loves to make things look pretty, Instagram-ing our favourite products and generally being snap happy! We’re talking scatter cushions in different sizes, patterns and textures, to throws and teddies and anything else that takes your fancy. Just how house proud are you? What exactly makes it onto your bed?

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