Super King Size Mattresses


Types of Super King Size Mattresses

Super King Size Pocket Sprung Mattresses

A super king size pocket sprung mattress contains many individually wrapped springs that are sewn into their own small pockets. This allows the springs to function completely independently of one another, providing your body with better support as it relieves pressure on any parts of your body that could be prone to aches and pains. Our range of super king size mattresses are of the highest quality, are highly affordable and long-lasting to ensure you have a well-supported sleep every single night.

Super King Size Memory Foam Mattresses

A super king size memory foam mattress is truly a thing of dreams. With no springs in sight, a super king size bed foam mattress contours perfectly to every single part of your body as you sleep to ensure perfect spine alignment and only the most comfortable, and well-supported sleeping positions. Available in a range of firmness options, a super king size memory foam mattress is designed with pressure point relief and full-body support in mind.

Super King Firm Mattresses

A super king size firm, or orthopaedic mattress is the perfect options for those who suffer with back pain and other aches and pains, as the technology is designed to encourage healthy and pressure-relieving sleeping positions. Our orthopaedic mattresses support pressure points on your back and joints to minimise any strain as the mattress’s extra firm support distributes your body weight to help your spine to maintain a natural alignment throughout the night. Our Time4Sleep super king size orthopaedic mattresses are available in firmness ranges from medium to firm dependent on your preference.