Why you should consider sleeping on a sofa bed

Jonathan Warren

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Why you should consider sleeping on a sofa bed

There’s a reason why sofa beds are so popular. Durable, stylish and functionally fantastic, these heavenly pieces of sleek furniture are a go-to choice for the space conscious. Perfect for when floor
space is at a premium or when we need an extra spot for friends and family, sofa beds have stood
the test of time for their versatility. 

Got you interested? In this blog, we’ve put together your very own pros and cons list of why you should consider sleeping on a sofa bed so you can make the right choice for you.

What makes a good sofa bed?

The characteristics of a perfect sofa bed may vary from person to person depending on individual style, space and functional requirements. However, a good sofa bed will be, at the very least, a space-saving piece of comfortable furniture which operates effortlessly as both a bed and a sofa.

At Time4Sleep, we have a wide range of fabulous yet functional sofa beds for you to choose from. Whether you want a multipurpose pull-out bed for a guest room, a space-saving sleeping option for your studio flat, or simply want to add more sleeping areas in your home, our sofa beds provide maximum comfort and are just the ticket.

Are sofa beds good for everyday sleeping?

Once upon a time, the answer to this question would have been a firm no, with traditional mattresses and beds being the very best option to provide you with a supportive and comfortable night’s sleep one hundred percent of the time. If your sofa bed doesn’t have a quality mattress as its foundation, then it is likely not suitable for continued use as a bed, but they can be great stop gaps if you need an extra space for yourself or a friend or family member.

And while we would still recommend you opt for a traditional bed and mattress for everyday sleeping, we recognise that some people with a space deficit in their home or apartment might not have the room for a full-size bed. The good news is many modern sofa beds are now much improved in terms of mattress quality meaning that certain sofa beds are fine for everyday sleeping – as long as your sofa bed is up to the task and your body remains free from any aches and pains that is! Our Florence Pocket Rest Linear Grey Sofa Bed, for example, comes complete with a pocket sprung mattress which is designed to provide quality sleeps time and time again.

What are the pros of using a sofa bed?

If we haven’t spoken about sofa beds highly enough so far, then look below for some more reasons you should add one of these delightful pieces of furniture to your home. Put simply, sofa beds save on space and offer up another cosy bed option for friends and family without compromising on style or quality.

Super space saving

Whether it’s intended for a spare room, study, small bedroom or snug, a sofa bed can be the missing piece of your interior design jigsaw. The transformational quality of a sofa bed means you don’t need to choose between having a bed or a sofa when space is at a premium, you can have both! There are also sofa bed options which come complete with ottoman storage, so you can even tuck away your spare bedding and pillows, making the transformation from sofa to bed ever more magical.

Great guest beds

Using a sofa bed in a guest bedroom is a great way of making spare rooms more usable and multifunctional when you don’t have guests, allowing you to sit down and relax in the space. Then, when your friends and family do come over to stay the night, your sofa bed can spring into action with an easy transformation.

As well as an extra spot for guests, sofa beds can also be really handy if you sleep with a partner and one of you is having a restless night, or if you have been woken up by your partner’ snoring! Simply move to your plush sofa bed to have a better chance of getting some quality shut-eye, rather than suffering through the frustration of not being able to sleep or disturbing your loved one.

Brilliant option for kids rooms

If your child’s room is a little on the smaller side, a sofa bed can be a great way of giving them both a space to play and a place to rest their heads at the end of the day. Folded back into a sofa position, a sofa bed will leave more floor space than a traditional bed to adorn with toys and gadgets! Also, with most sofa beds being easily converted, having a modern sofa bed is sure to score some cool parent points for you.

Or if your child’s room has space to spare, why not add in a sofa bed to make sleepovers a breeze? We think our fun and funky Windsor Orange Sofa Bed would make a great fit.

Good quality and gorgeous design options

Just because a sofa bed ticks the boxes from a functional perspective, doesn’t mean they stick out like a sore thumb when it comes to design. Modern sofa beds come in a variety of shapes, styles and colours which means there will be the perfect match out there for you, just waiting to add an extra je ne sais quoi to your home and chosen aesthetic. 

What are the cons of using a sofa bed?

For many of us who have endured a night or two on a friend’s sofa, there may be grumblings that sofa beds aren’t the best in the business when it comes to quality sleep night after night. And, to be fair, there are various reasons to consider why a sofa bed might not be the right choice for you.

Can lack comfort

There’s a reason that a traditional bed and mattress have been mainstays in the home for so long: they’ll always be the superior option for comfort and support! While sofa beds can still offer up a cosy night’s rest, they typically do not have as big a mattress as normal beds. Classic mattresses are built with many springs or memory foam technology designed to help support the body during sleep, but this may not be the case with sofa beds, which could result in lower quality rest, aches and pains.

Can be less durable

The transformation between sofa and bed can mean that sofa beds are more prone to wear and tear than their more traditional counterparts. If you are using your sofa and bed regularly, then be sure to maintain the inner structure of the sofa bed as best you can, keeping an eye out for loose joints which need tightening.

Can be more expensive

Given the dual nature of sofa beds, it's no surprise that some sofa beds can come at a premium, particularly for models which have hidden mattresses in their mechanism or include a storage system. When weighing up the needs of your space and whether you need the dual functionality of a sofa bed, it's best to keep budget in mind.

How can you make sleeping on a sofa bed more comfortable?

Like a traditional bed and mattress, sometimes sofa beds need a little extra je ne sais quoi in order to maximise the comfort they offer to sleepers. So, whether your sofa bed is in regular use or is more of an emergency spot for friends and family, there’s plenty you can do to make your sofa bed more comfortable.

Mattress toppers

Adding an extra layer to your sofa bed is a great way of making sure your convertible sleep station can deliver a good night’s sleep time and time again. What’s more, mattress toppers can help protect your sofa from unwanted stains and also come in a variety of sizes, so finding the right mattress toppers should be as simple as transforming your sofa into a bed!

Top quality bedding

Fresh linen, luxurious Egyptian cotton or even sumptuous silk bedding could all be the answers to your sofa bed prayers. Having some top-quality bedding on offer when your sofa bed is called into action, could have sleepers questioning whether they are sleeping on a classic bed! Good bedding can also help stop oils or sweat transferring to your sofa bed when its being used as a bed and causing unwanted stains.

Soft furnishings

A variety of pillows and throws can work well with any sofa bed, no matter what function. By day, your soft furnishings can take pride of place and show off your inner interior designer, and by night they could help your friends or family make themselves truly cosy on your sofa bed. So why not get creative with throws and pillows? You won’t regret it!

Best sofa beds

Whether you’re a first-time buyer or looking to upgrade your existing sofa bed, you've come to the right place. At Time4Sleep we have a variety of sofa beds to suit any functional and aesthetic needs and we have handpicked a few options to wet your whistle!

Up first is our Saltaire Grey Velvet Sofa Bed, an effortlessly stylish sofa bed which works fantastically in lounge spaces as a sofa in its own right. In a luxurious velvet grey, the Saltaire is sure to quickly become the centrepiece of any living space whilst hiding its hidden qualities as an extra bed. The click-clack mechanism is sure to surprise your guests as the Saltaire smoothly transforms into an inviting space for them to rest their heads.

Next, we have the striking Windsor Orange Sofa Bed. The vibrant orange colour of the Windsor is destined to make this masterpiece an eye-catcher in any home, though there’s grey and navy blue options if orange doesn’t quite match your colour palette! The Windsor operates with a click-clack mechanism and is a perfect size for snug spaces.

And as our final taster into Time4Sleep’s world of sofa beds, we have the Cagliari Corner Ottoman Linear Natural Sofa Bed. Perfect for those looking for a little bit of everything: a sofa, a bed and an extra bit of storage – the Cagliari has it all. As an L-shaped sofa, there’s space for the whole family to stretch out and the Cagliari can be configured (as a left or right handed set-up) to best suit your space. When it's time for bed, the Cagliari is easily converted by lowering the backrests and you can even store some bedding and blankets in the ottoman storage.

Want to explore our full range of sofa beds? No problem! Check them out here or have a read of our blog Introducing the Sofa Bed Range.