Introducing: The Sofa Bed Range

Jonathan Warren

Author: Jonathan Warren


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Introducing: The Sofa Bed Range

Are you seeking the perfect blend of style, functionality, and comfort for your living space? Look no further! Our latest blog post is here to unveil our exciting new sofa bed range that promises to revolutionise your home's ambiance and utility. 

So, why Sofa Beds?

One word, versatility. Sofa beds like the Cagliari allow you to not only sit or sleep on the sofa bed but also have spacious ottoman storage, providing valuable space for clothing, bedding, shoes, and other items. To cope with the smaller home spaces, sofa beds that use the click-clack mechanism, like the Florence, allow you to change from a sofa to a bed with a simple adjustment, saving well-needed space in modern homes.

Inspirational Colour Options

Looking to add a bit of colour to your home? We offer many different colour options to show style without compromising a whole room. If you want to go for a neutral colour, we recommend the Sorrento Natural, a warm and inviting colour that adds sophistication to any home. If you are looking to bring a biophilic look to your home, why not look at our Coniston in Olive Green. How about going bold and adding a pop of personality. Why not try our Richmond Blue.

Sofa beds to suit your space

For those who don't have much space to work with, we have multiple size options to ensure that you can find the perfect fit for your space and needs. For those who can compromise a larger space, why not try our corner sofa beds, such as the Coniston or Perth, which have more space and can be used more as a traditional sofa, as well as those that need sleep space for a multitude of guests. For those looking for something smaller, we’ve got the perfect solution. As mentioned earlier, sofa beds with the simple Click-Clack mechanism, such as the Cotswold or the Windsor, are perfect for those looking to add additional seating and sleeping area without having to buy an extra bed. 

Top Styling Tips for Sofa Beds

Styling your home is always a personal preference, but we are here to help and guide you to your dream room with these extra tips to give your home that wow factor.
Use accessories to enhance the visual appeal of your sofa bed. Decorative pillows in various textures, patterns, and colours can add personality and visual interest. A cosy throw blanket draped over the back of the sofa bed can also add warmth and texture.

Incorporate appropriate lighting to enhance the ambiance of the space. Place a floor lamp or table lamp near the sofa bed to provide task lighting for reading or lounging. Consider adding dimmer switches to adjust the lighting intensity according to the time of day or mood.

Styling a sofa bed involves a careful balance of comfort, functionality, and aesthetics to create a welcoming and versatile space that reflects your personal style. By selecting the right size, coordinating colours, layering textures, and accessorising thoughtfully, you can enhance the visual appeal of your sofa bed while maximising its usability.