What is bouclé? How to care for bouclé fabric

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What is bouclé? How to care for bouclé fabric

Flick through the glossy pages of any interior design magazine and you’ll see that bouclé fabric furniture is back with a bang. First created in the 1940s by Eero Saarinen at the request of Florence Knoll who wanted a new chair that she could really curl up in, Saarinen presented her with the famous “Womb Chair” and thus bouclé was born. 

Here, we take a look at what bouclé fabric actually is, why bouclé furniture is taking the design world by storm and how to care for bouclé fabric.

What is bouclé fabric?

Derived from the French term “boucler” meaning “to curl”, bouclé is a unique and cosy yarn fabric made from looped fibres. First rising to prominence in the 1940s, bouclé was an extremely popular material in mid-century design and trends in both the furniture and fashion world, with Coco Chanel even being a fan! Since then, bouclé fell out of favour for many years before experiencing a huge resurgence in popularity in the last few years. 

Bouclé is extremely versatile and durable. Due to the way this natural fabric is made, it is extremely strong and easily withstands daily use, wear and tear, making a great material for furniture, clothing, curtains and bedding. But as well as being durable, bouclé is incredibly cosy and comfortable, able to effortlessly warm up any environment with some serious style to boot.

What is bouclé fabric made of?

Often referred to as nubby in texture, bouclé is a heavy fleece-like material typically made from wool, although cotton, linen, rayon, alpaca and even silk blends have also undergone the technique too. 

What is bouclé used for?

Due to its durable and cosy attributes, bouclé is a popular choice of material for furniture designers and manufacturers. As highly-textured décor trends, such as Hygge design, have captured the imagination of homeowners, bouclé fabric has become an obvious choice to help make spaces feel cosier and more inviting. From bouclé beds to chairs, curtains and chaise longues, bouclé upholstered furniture is a great way to add depth, interest and plentiful comfort to any room.

For example, take a look at our stunning Anna Ottoman Cream Bouclé Bed below. The perfect blend of style and function, this bed is upholstered with a luxurious Ivory bouclé finish to create a chic, tactile and decadent feel.

Staying within the interiors world, bouclé fabric is also used extensively to make weighted throws pillows and blankets as it is an excellent layering material that begs to be cuddled!

Bouclé isn’t just limited to interior design, but can also be found throughout the fashion world. Especially popular with autumn and winter designs, bouclé material has been used to make thicken woollen coats, overshirts and many other garments that ooze sophistication and cosiness.

How to clean your bouclé furniture

As if this comforting fabric couldn’t get any better, bouclé furniture is incredibly easy to clean. 

As it is a woven material, naturally bouclé can capture dust and dirt within its looped yarn. For general upkeep, we recommend hoovering your bouclé furniture from time to time with an upholstery attachment to keep them looking their best.

If you accidentally spill anything on your bouclé furniture, don’t panic – you have options but you need to act swiftly. Gently blot any stains with a paper towel to absorb any excess liquid or dirt, being careful not to rub the stain any deeper into the material. Once blotted, lightly dampen a clean white cleaning cloth with warm water (and a bleach-free, water-based, gentle cleaning solution for tougher stains) to softly dab at the stain from the outside in. After cleaning, it’s then important to gently brush the area with a soft-bristled brush to encourage the texture of the fabric back to its usual state before allowing it to dry naturally without the application of heat.

The golden rule with bouclé fabric is not to use heat, harsh chemicals or too much water when cleaning it. If you must use solvents, make sure they are mild and water-based and be careful not to drench the material with liquid as it can cause it to shrink. Little and often is the way here!

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