Pillow Buying Guide

Pillow Buying Guide

Pillow Buying Guide

Pillow Choices at a Glance

  • Pillows are available with natural or synthetic fillings ranging from the feather, down and wool to hollowfibre and memory foam
  • Your sleeping position gives an indicator of the type of pillow which is best for a great night’s sleep.
  • Pillows can help with neck support – particularly memory foam pillows
  • Pillows should be replaced on average every two years

Pillows and Sleep Positions

Pillows need to offer constant support throughout the night.  The right pillow should allow a natural spine line and support the head fully.

Side sleepers  may require the most support from a pillow and could benefit from a firm or medium firm pillow.  The pillow should provide head and neck support enabling alignment of the spine – memory foam could be a good option.

Back Sleepers require medium support for the natural curvature of the spine.  Placing an additional pillow beneath the knees can also further alleviate back strain.

Front sleepers benefit most from softly supportive pillow. Natural fillings such as feather and down allow you to maintain natural spine alignment without causing neck strain.

Types of Pillow

Natural Pillows

Natural pillows typically fall into two categories, either down and feather filled or wool.  Typically the percentage content of down drives the cost of down pillows .

Types of Synthetic Pillows

There are many types of synthetic pillows, the most popular choices being memory foam.  These pillows mould to your body and allow your head neck and shoulders to rest in a natural position .

Commonly asked questions 

Which are the best pillows for neck pain?

Memory Foam Pillows are a great solution for neck pain with the memory foam moulding around your head and shoulders allowing them to rest in a natural position whether your are a front, back or side sleeper.

How often should I change my pillow?

Pillows should ideally be changed every 2 years or before if you do not feel they are giving you the same level of support.