Holiday Let Beds

Holiday Let Beds

Holiday Let Beds

Holiday Let Beds and Mattresses at a Glance

  • Versatility is the key to beds for your holiday property – the wider the options the wider the appeal
  • Bunks are a great option to offer additional sleeping space
  • Ottoman beds offer valuable space to store spare bedding leaving valuable cupboard or wardrobe space for your guests
  • Beds with Headboards are a great option, offering your walls protection from marks
  • If you intend to let your property to pet owners perhaps a wooden or metal bed which can be easily wiped clean may be worth considering
  • On average, you should expect to renew beds around every four to five years in a regularly rented property.
  • A good night’s sleep is a key factor which will impact your guest’s perception of their stay
  • Trip Advisor reviews and positive website feedback is key to gaining repeat booking and the financial performance of your investment.  If your beds and mattresses are not up to scratch you risk negative reviews which can having a lasting impact and be difficult to remove.

Holiday Let Beds - Key Factors to Consider

Choosing beds for your holiday let is a big decision and versatility is the key to appeal to the widest choice of guests and maximise your rental potential.

If room allows then king size beds are preferable, giving a luxurious and spacious feel.   To add versatility to this option you could achieve this look by purchasing two single beds which could still be used to offer a twin room option and adding a topper on top of the mattress.  Another way to achieve this option is Zip and link beds whereby the two single mattresses zip together to create a super king size bed.

One consideration with these options is that to take advantage of it's versatility you will require to have not only super king bedding but also single plus the required duvets and additional pillows. Both options allow you to appeal to a broader market, attracting families and couples by changing bedroom configuration from king size to twins.

Another great option for guest rooms are bunk beds.  There are a number of formations which offer great sleeping options.  Some bunk beds have the ability to be arranged as two individual singles.  Where a family has three children a bunk bed may allow the option of adding in a further fold up occasional guest bed.  There are other configurations such as a triple bunk which offers a double bed with a single bed overhead.  Even in smaller spaces these options allow you to comfortably sleep an additional few guests.

Storage is always at a premium but especially in a holiday let where you need to balance the need to have easy access to additional bed linen but want to allow guests maximum storage space.  Ottoman Storage beds have ample space for bed linen, spare mattresses and pillows allowing you this option.

To really maximise space consider a day bed or sofa bed which can double up as seating during the day but then offer further occasional sleeping space during the evening.  There are many options and styles available so you are sure to find something which fits your look.

Holiday Property Styling / Beds with impact

Photographs of your property will be a key selling point to guests so it pays to get the look and feel right, deciding on your look and sourcing products which emphasise this.  Once you have agreed on your style you can choose beds which help to reinforce the style.  If you have room perhaps a statement bed, unusual in design or colour could really help your property to stand out.

Why not make your holiday let stand out with a bed with impact.

The Smartie bed is high on Wow factor!  Spectacular in colour it allows you to keep everything else simple and allow the bed to do the talking.

If space is no issue then the Knightsbridge bed offers unparalleled elegance and will be a major focal point giving a luxurious look to your holiday let.

Mattress Considerations for your holiday property

  • Guests come away looking for a great nights sleep and the mattress you choose can make a big difference.  A great nights sleep on a comfortable mattress could be the winning secret to brilliant reviews on social media and guests who keep returning.  
  • One thing many holiday let owners agree on is that a good mattress protector is invaluable offering guests reassurance and protecting against spills.
  • If you have chosen to buy a zip and link mattress to give you bedroom flexibility then you may also want to consider a mattress topper which helps to minimise the feel of the dip in the centre where mattresses are joined.  Mattress toppers are available in natural or synthetic fibres.  Mattress toppers can be professionally laundered which is recommended every 6-12 months and this will again give your bed a luxurious feel.  
  • Memory Foam mattresses offer the benefit of not requiring turning therefore  allowing a quicker turnaround.  Pocket Sprung mattress can have a more generic appeal especially if bought with a medium to firm feel.
  • Consideration should be given to fillings too as perhaps synthetic fibres rather than natural wool may be better and reduce the risk of allergy for your guests.

Bedding Tips

Pure cotton bed linen is a great choice for bed linen for your holiday let.   Neutral colours such as white or cream look great and can be accented with complementing colours to match your toom theme.   An added benefit of single colour bedding is that you can replace individual items if some items require updating.  Ideally you should consider having multiple sets of linen for ease on changeover day.