Why White Beds are Trendy Yet Practical

Jonathan Warren

Author: Jonathan Warren


Interior Design and Lifestyle

Toledo White BedItaly has always had a reputation for being ahead of their time when it comes to interior design and that includes bed and bedroom design. It was at the Milan International Furniture Show back in 2007 where white beds were first seen in any real numbers as a piece of bedroom furniture that supplemented the stark contemporary style Italian designers were using. Since then the growth in popularity of white beds has risen and it looks like 2010 is the year they will become really fashionable here in the UK. Beds like the Toledo White have clean crisp lines that can add to the airy feel of a room, giving an impression of more light. Of course being bonded leather it also gives a luxurious look to the room that can make a style statement on its own. Adding either contrasting black bedding or more sumptuous gold fabrics and decor can give a room a truly opulent feel. The use of a white bed can greatly assist in creating a sleek contemporary look, but they can be quite versatile. A bed like the Polar Savoy –although still upholstered in bonded leather- is quite adaptable and will sit comfortably in a modern contemporary setting. The bed design does have a retro feel about it and so it wouldn’t look out of place in a bedroom where a more conservative design concept is planned. When positioned in a room the open foot end of the bed does assist in giving the impression of space. Of course this bed also brings lightness to the room and helps provide a tranquil atmosphere that assists in helping sleep. Even if you need a storage bed, then you can find a white bed that will combine the practicality of supplying storage space while still looking chic and modern. Just because it is a storage bed doesn’t mean it can’t be stylish. The Portofino White Ottoman is an attractive centrepiece that would enhance the look of any bedroom, but also offers a large storage area that maximises the available floor space in the room. A bed like this is a wonderful example of how quality, style and design can come together to be extremely functional as well as aesthetically pleasing. If you want to be at the cutting edge of fashionable bedroom design this year, then get yourself a white bed. It will look good and give your bedroom a light, fresh, neat character.