What does it mean to have dreams of teeth falling out?

Jonathan Warren

Author: Jonathan Warren



What does it mean to have dreams of teeth falling out?

If you’ve been dreaming about your teeth falling out, you’re not alone. In fact, dreams about losing teeth are one of the most common types of nightmares. 

Whether a one-off or a recurring dream, there’s no arguing that this type of dream can be incredibly unsettling. They can be vivid and highly realistic, leading to a disturbing feeling once you wake. So, why do we have them and what does it mean to have dreams of teeth falling out?

Here, we take a look at some of the leading ideas behind why these dreams occur and what you can do to try and prevent having them again.

How common are dreams about teeth falling out?

Dreams about teeth falling out, breaking or rotting are actually much more common and universal than you’d think. In fact, research has shown that 39% of the population have experienced these types of nightmares!

This is because dreams of teeth falling out tend to occur when a person is going through a rather turbulent time in their life. Maybe they’re suffering with anxiety, PTSD or another poor mental health concern. Alternatively, they might be living through a significant period of change which is causing them worry. Or, much more simply, they might have just lost some teeth in real life! Because stress and worry is something we all experience throughout our lives, it’s no wonder that this type of dream is so common across the world.

What is the meaning behind dreams about losing teeth?

Numerous studies and surveys have shown that one of the main causes of dreams about your teeth falling out centres around lack of control in the dreamer’s everyday life. Here a selection of some of the most popular interpretations below.

Stress and Anxiety

Stress and anxiety are incredibly emotionally overwhelming for those who suffer with them. So much so that uncontrolled stress can manifest into physical reactions – both in waking and sleeping realms. For example, when awake, stress and anxiety can prompt uncontrollable anxiety or panic attacks. And while asleep, these mental health afflictions can cause crippling nightmares and terrors such as dreams about losing teeth. Plus, anxiety in particular involves excessive worrying to a level where the dreamer may grind their teeth at night – another trigger for these type of dreams.


Personal loss can manifest itself in many different ways in day to day life. From losing a loved one to separating from a partner through divorce, the loss of a job or even misplacing a cherished possession, loss has the potential to affect our subconscious as well as our conscious self. Metaphorically in our dreams, the literal loss in our waking life is represented by the loss and crumbling of teeth in our sleeping hours.


We’re told from a young age not to be afraid of change, but that doesn’t mean it’s not scary! In fact, major life changes are a leading cause of stress and apprehension for many across the world. Whether you’re about to start a new job, get married or move home, all of these stressful situations can lead to excessive worrying and anxiety which can therefore affect your subconscious. Losing teeth in your dreams in this scenario can be representative of your daily worry about what could go wrong in your life during this period of change.

Dental Issues

Yes, this is an obvious one but if you’re struggling with dental issues, it’s likely you’ll dream about it too! Losing teeth, breaking teeth or tooth decay can be incredibly painful, stressful and inconvenient worry which is also expensive to fix in many cases. So it’s no wonder reality can creep into the dream world in these situations – especially if the dental issue was the result of a particularly traumatic event.

Are there any remedies to prevent these types of dreams?

Tap into your emotions

Ask yourself what you think might be prompting teeth falling out dreams. Are you feeling stressed? Have you lost something important to you? Is a trip to the dentist in order? Whatever the situation might be, it’s important to tackle your emotions and anxieties head on so you can get a handle on your subconscious and regain some balance in your waking life.

Ask a professional

If you find your dreams are being caused by some particularly complex emotions and poor mental health, it’s advisable to seek some professional help. Finding a therapist or engaging in some guided meditation could be just what you need to help guide you through a difficult time and attack your problems at their root cause. Remember, your mental health is just as important to look after as your physical health!

Be mindful before bedtime

Creating a soothing and calming environment before sleep may ease your dreams about tooth loss. Mood lights, reading, putting away electronics and meditation can really help to reduce stress and get you in a better mindset before sleep. Why not check out our blog on How to Sleep Better for more expert hints and tips?

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