Spring Bedroom Interior Trends 2024

Jonathan Warren

Author: Jonathan Warren


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Spring Bedroom Interior Trends 2024

Are you looking to spruce up your bedroom this spring? In this blog, we have some spring decor ideas and trends that will rejuvenate your bedroom area. Bid farewell to those winter blues; it's time for the beautiful spring colours. Let's explore the top trends that will transform your home decor this spring.

Nature-inspired Colour Palette

Say farewell to those 2023 winter tones and say hello to the stylish and natural sky blues, blush pinks, and sage greens of the world. Incorporate these colours anywhere in your bedroom, from your window blinds to your bed. These colours are bound to take away the sad January blues and boost your dopamine levels for the rest of the 2024 year. Welcome spring 2024 with a rejuvenated ambience that shouts positivity! 

Biophilic Design

The world as a whole has grown closer and more caring towards plants and the earth in general. So why not bring that into your home. Integrate some indoor plants into your room to create the most perfect and harmonious environment you can imagine. Not only will it bring that extra IT factor to your home, but it is also known that plants have many science-backed benefits for adding nature to your homespace. Plants may boost your productivity and also reduce stress levels, definitely helping those who have started to work from home in the last several years. Mix those beautiful botanical colours and designs with our beautiful cream beds to create the perfect Biophilic environment.

Mismatch Furniture

In 2024, uniqueness is celebrated and appreciated as a unique approach to interior design. This trend allows you to explore what you love in your living space. By combining diverse furniture pieces, you can create a curated look that reflects your individual taste and personality, while also making your space feel more dynamic and inviting. Whether it's blending the very modern boucle textures with the classical rustic French Style, the key is to embrace the unexpected and create a harmonious balance that feels curated rather than chaotic. 

Accent Chairs

Add a statement piece to your room this spring with a modern Accent Chair. These will continue to be a high-flying trend in 2024. However, homeowners aren’t using them to match other pieces of furniture in their home but have them as a stylish visual within their home. Homeowners are opting for a more diverse look in 2024, going for pops of colour and quirkier designs, doubling it as a piece of art as well as a chair to sit on and read your favourite book. From a neutral 2 Seater to Fern Green Rocking Chairs, we've got the perfect amount of furniture for you to choose from.

Timeless Rattan

Rattan is still a popular choice coming into spring 2024, reflecting its timeless appeal. Rattan blends well with many different styles and colours due to its beautiful natural look. Whether you’re decorating your home in a modern style or a farmhouse look, it’s casual elegance and effortless charm make it the perfect addition to any home. It continues to offer timeless appeal and versatility that transcends trends. Whether used as a statement piece or as part of a larger design scheme, rattan furniture adds warmth, texture, and character to any room, creating a welcoming and stylish environment that you'll love to come home to.

Multifunctional Furniture

Multifunctional Furniture will continue to gain popularity in 2024 as living spaces become more and more limited. Homeowners have become more wary of the lack of space and are driven to maximise space without compromising on style or comfort. Sofa Beds, Day Beds and Underbed options have become extremely popular for those who have regular guests and not much space to house them. These allow the furniture to be used during the day as a normal sofa or bed, and their easy functionality allows for the users to easily put it away when not needed.

However, it's just not the extra bed space! Ottoman Storage Beds have become increasingly popular, especially in bedrooms where space is limited. These innovative designs often feature built-in drawers or compartments beneath the bed frame, providing valuable storage space for clothing, bedding, shoes, and other items. By utilising the often unused area beneath the bed, homeowners can free up valuable closet space and keep their bedrooms organised and clutter-free.


Trends don't just end in spring, though! These trends are looking like they are going to be around for a long time. From nature palettes to the use of smaller spaces with guest beds, these are growing in popularity and don't seem to be slowing down anytime soon. Embrace the beauty of the season and create a bedroom that inspires relaxation, creativity, and serenity. Take a look into more of our guides and inspiration on our website to make your dreams into a reality.