New findings reveal 35% of Brits don’t have a preferred side of the bed

Jonathan Warren

Author: Jonathan Warren



New findings reveal 35% of Brits don’t have a preferred side of the bed

How important is it for you to sleep on the same side of the bed each night? Or are you quite content on switching things up as you feel?

After being inspired by a recent viral tweet from Emily Bryce-Perkins which garnered over 6k likes explaining how her friends don’t have a side of the bed, the team here at Time4Sleep decided it was time to settle the score.

To investigate just how important sides of the bed are, and put an end to this saga, we have carried out a nationwide survey questioning 1,000 Brits’ sleeping habits.

According to our research, we discovered that no less than 35% of Brits don’t have their own side of the bed and have no preference when it comes to bedtime. 

But of those that do have a preference, which side came out on top? The race was extremely tight, but ultimately the right side came out as the winner, with a third of people consistently sleeping on this side each night. This was also the case between both men and women. 

Interestingly, the fussiest sleepers are those aged 25-34, with 70% of this age group having a clear preference. For those aged 16-24, it was pretty close to a 50/50 split between having a preference and none at all.

So which side do you prefer, or no side at all?