How To Get Your Child To Make Their Own Bed

Jonathan Warren

Author: Jonathan Warren



While making a bed isn't difficult, convincing your kids to actually do it certainly is. It's a chore after all, but taking some time to encourage your child to keep things neat and tidy in the morning is certainly rewarding, both for them and for you. Whether you're a parent of a energetic four-year-old or trying to persuade a teen to plump up their pillows before they go to school, it's never too late to help your kids pick up such an important habit. Children will find there are many benefits to making their beds too, and with our top tips you'll be able to add this step into their routine in no time at all. Girl making bed with mother Beneficial bed-making It's only a small task, but children can benefit in many different ways when they decide to make their own bed in the morning. Simple and achievable, your child will start their morning feeling accomplished and successful. With praise, they should leave the house for nursery or school knowing they've already done something they can be proud of, putting them in the right frame of mind for the day ahead. Bed-making also teaches children to be tidy, and it can be a conversation starter about household responsibilities as they grow older. Once they've mastered the art of bed-making, you can talk to older children or teens about what other tasks they should be doing around the house, such as cleaning their own room, washing the dishes or doing their laundry. Claiming responsibility for their own mess is a trait that extends outside of the home too - while making a bed is a tiny chore, it can teach a valuable life lesson to your kids. Parents obviously instantly reap the rewards as well - you'll find yourself with an extra five minutes to make breakfasts, pack lunches and get yourself ready for the day. Girl stretching her arms while waking up in bedroom How to encourage your child to make their bed If you're lucky, your child might be eager to start making their own bed. However, if they're not so keen - don't worry, most won't be - you can try the following to give them a little bit of encouragement. Younger children love to get involved with things, and generally enjoy contributing to tasks - no matter how boring they may be! Let them join in with bed-making around the house and have your child assist you at first - teach them the basics, then let them know they're ready to do it all by themselves. Keep their bedding simple too - avoid adding decorative pillows and throws, and opt for a bottom sheet that stays put so your children don't have to bother fixing them back into place. Two pillows and a simple duvet will do, and if they're in need of new bedsheets why not let them pick their own? Don't focus on bed-making as being a chore either. Make it fun, and turn it into a game - you can set a timer and ask them to beat the clock, or put their favourite song on in the background and challenge them to complete the bed before it's over. Praising them for their efforts is important as well, and a small reward (such as an extra treat at breakfast) at the start of the learning process won't go amiss. Whatever the end result, parents shouldn't be tempted to remake the bed. A few lumps, bumps and wonky cushions are to be expected at the start, but avoid fixing things. Adjusting your kid's hard work will only make them feel like their efforts weren't good enough, potentially putting them off making their bed in the future. After a while, bed-making will hopefully become part of your child's everyday routine. If you suddenly walk into their room and find that they've already began the bed-making process without your instruction, give praise then leave them to it. It'll help them to become more independent, and once it becomes a habit it'll be something they continue to do into adulthood. After fixing a messy bed, your next challenge as a parent is to encourage your child to clean up their entire room. Don’t panic - we've got a handy guide for that too. Take a look at it here, and discover more top tips for teaching your child how to keep their space nice and tidy. Images: ©