How to create a room that grows with your child

Jonathan Warren

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How to create a room that grows with your child

Blink and you’ll miss it – kids grow up fast. Before you know it, their favourite colours, toys and cartoons will have changed as quickly as their shoe size. So, to save you from having to redecorate your kids’ bedroom every year, how can you design a child’s bedroom that grows with them instead?

Here, we take a look at all the top children’s bedroom design ideas and inspiration to help you save money, time and effort – but most importantly, make your child one happy little camper!

The importance of creating a bedroom that grows with your child

Let’s be honest, even the best parents don’t have the time, money or patience to keep their child’s bedroom decor up to date with their loves, likes and dislikes as they’re growing up. You’d have to repaint the walls every other week!

Instead, it’s crucial you design a bedroom that your child will love just as much in six years as they do now. And while it may seem like a daunting task, fear not – we’ve come armed with lots of fun and creative ways to decorate kids bedrooms that will evolve alongside your little ones.

Children’s bedroom inspiration

From study corners to awesome accessories, storage beds and handy decor hacks, here are our top picks for the best children’s bedroom ideas.

Don’t stick to a theme

If you’re wanting to create a children’s bedroom style that lasts well into the future, the worst thing you can do is marry yourself to a theme. This year they might be obsessed with sea crabs, but next year they’ll be Man United’s biggest fan. Rather than get thematic with your design, opt for a colour palette that will act as a canvas for the room instead. You can change soft furnishings easily, but completely repainting a room is a much bigger burden!

Accessorise to move with the times

If they do have their heart set on something specific, you could always reach for temporary wallpapers, framed art work or even window transfers to switch things up on the walls. The main thing is the changes you make need to be temporary and low effort in order to grow naturally and evolve with your child. Remember toys, throws and cushions can act as decor too and fit the adaptability brief nicely as they can easily be swapped out, sold on or handed down.

Get clever with storage

If there’s one thing every kid has, it’s stuff. Endless amounts of stuff. And that’ll be the case from the time they can crawl to the time they leave home! To save yourself hours of picking up after them or finding new homes for new things, get ahead of the curve and get clever with storage. As well as chests of drawers and wardrobes, why not invest in a child’s ottoman bed or a kid’s bed with storage drawers? Every little helps!

Create a study nook

Planning ahead for when your little one needs to do homework in the near and distant future is a great idea. When starting your design, think about a space in the room you can dedicate to work rather than play. When they’re younger this could be for colouring in and reading, but when they grow up it’ll be a godsend to already have an area where they can study that isn’t messy and makeshift. If their room is spacious, this could be a fully fledged desk and chair setup against one of the walls. But if space is at a premium, how about a desk bed? Perfect for kids and growing teens, beds with in-built desks save space, allow your kids to get creative and are extremely comfy too!

Benefits of calming colours in kids bedrooms

A bedroom should be a sanctuary, even for excitable kids. To help the drift off the sleep or wind down after an overstimulating day at school, experts suggest decorating your child’s bedroom with calming colours to reduce stress and promote a sense of comfort.

Rather than bright reds or overly dark shades, go for soft neutral and gentle pastel tones instead. Not only are these colours timeless, versatile and easily accessorised, but they’ll make your little one’s sleep space feel incredibly tranquil. Think off-whites, sandy tones, pastel blues, purples, greens and pinks.

And if your child wants a splash of colour here and there, don’t shy away from incorporating it in their soft furnishings, bedding or even artwork on the walls. These can always be removed when needs be, but it’s really important for your child’s inner peace that the foundation colour of their room be one of a calming, serene nature that soothes rather than stimulates.

Best childrens beds

Now onto our speciality, beds! Here are a few of our favourites to inspire your inner interior designer. As the centrepiece of every bedroom, these childrens beds should give you some creative food for thought!

Mid-Sleeper Beds

Our mid-sleeper beds are perfect for growing kids over the age six. Space savvy and with room for storage to help keep their rooms tidy, you can choose from a huge selection of mid-sleeper bed options.  From mid-sleeper desk beds to mid-sleeper beds with built-in wardrobes, you won’t be disappointed!

Cabin Beds

If you’re looking for a kids bed a little closer to the ground but with some storage options too, a cabin bed could be just the ticket. Our cabin beds feature a range of cupboards, drawers and shelving units beneath their frames, where little ones can tidy away their favourite books, toys and so much more. 

Storage Beds for Kids

If you’re really wanting to ramp up the storage stakes however, our storage beds for kids will be much more up your street. From beds with 2-drawers and 3-drawers to ottoman beds with large storage spaces hidden beneath their bases, we’ve got a huge choice of bed designs for every growing tyke and their siblings to boot!

Want to explore our full range of children's beds? No problem! Check them out here or have a read of our blog to discover more interior styling tips and tricks.