How to clean wood furniture

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How to clean wood furniture

Wooden furniture is a beautiful addition to any home as it’s so versatile. You can choose from light to dark wood stains and contemporary or vintage finishes which can elevate your interior design. It’s also a great choice for furniture as it’s highly customisable, you’re able to sand down and re-varnish your pieces to give them a new lease of life. 

Wood is a great material for furniture and it can last a lifetime. It’s an especially great choice for a bed frame as it’s so durable and is less likely to creak than a metal bed frame. In order to get the most out of your wooden furniture it’s important to take proper care of it. 
Here, we cover the best ways to clean wood and the differences you need to be aware of when cleaning wood furniture compared to other materials. 

Materials you’ll need to: 

  1. Duster or soft cloth 
  2. Soft microfiber cloths 
  3. Washing-up gloves
  4. Mild wood cleaner or warm water with gentle washing up liquid 
  5. Clean warm water 
  6. Furniture wax or polish 
  7. Newspapers to protect the floor (if required) 

Steps to cleaning wooden furniture: 

  1. First of all, you need to prep the area, if you’re cleaning a bed frame it can be helpful to move it away from any walls it might be near so you can easily access all of it. You can also take this time to cover your floors by laying down old towels, newspapers or dust sheets if you don’t want to get any dust or cleaning products on them. 
  2. Remove any loose dust, taking care to make sure you’re getting into any hard to reach areas. You will be going over these areas again with cleaning solution so this step doesn’t need to be perfect, but it’s a good idea to remove loose dust first before using cleaning products.
  3. Prepare your cleaning products, either mix a few drops of gentle washing-up liquid with warm water (making sure it’s not too soapy) or grab your wood cleaner. You can also put on your washing-up gloves at this time, as it’s a good idea to avoid getting cleaning chemicals on your skin. 
  4. Next you’re going to dip the microfiber cloth into the cleaning solution and then wring it out so it’s not soaking wet but is still damp. Start wiping down the bed frame or piece of furniture, regularly re-dipping the cloth to make sure you’re removing all the dirt. Take care not to get the wood too wet as this can damage it. 
  5. If there are any particularly tough stains then you can use a soft bristle brush or an old toothbrush dipped in the cleaning solution. Be gentle when you scrub the stain and use a circular motion, regularly checking to see if the stain is gone. It’s important to be patient here and avoid being too rough as this could damage the wood. 
  6. Once you’ve been over the whole piece of furniture, dip your cloth into the clean water and repeat the process to remove any cleaning product residue. This step is crucial as cleaning products can form a film on the wood. You should also immediately dry the bed frame with a dry cloth to avoid water damage. 
  7. At this stage you can choose to apply wood varnish or polish depending on the finish you would like on your wood. Make sure you follow the instructions on the product you are using for best results. Once you’ve completed this step you can remove anything you were using to protect your floor and move the furniture back to its original location.

Taking the time to clean your wooden furniture, especially your bed frames, is a simple yet essential task that can prolong their life and keep them looking their best. Keeping the space you sleep in clean and dust-free will contribute to a better night's sleep. 

If you follow these steps and care for your wooden furniture properly, you can enjoy the beautiful and functional piece of furniture in your home for years to come.

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