How to assemble a TV bed

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How to assemble a TV bed

Get you! You’ve treated yourself to the endless wonders of a TV bed – many nights full of cosy sleeps and home cinema experiences lie in wait.

But now that your bed is en route to your bedroom and you’ve picked out some plush new bedding, where do you start when it comes to putting it all together? Don’t fret our comfort-loving friend – we’ve got you covered. Simply follow our foolproof step-by-step guide on how to assemble a TV bed and you’ll be Netflix and chilling in no time.

How to build a TV bed in 12 simple steps

It’s time to tool up! But before you start on your bed-building quest, we’ve got a few tips for you to bear in mind. Make sure that you assemble your TV bed in the room it will be used in, take the time to fully read through the instructions a few times to avoid any surprises and familiarise yourself with all the tools and parts you’ll need, checking that nothing is missing.

Everything in order? Great – let’s get building.

What will you need?

- Tape measure
- Screw driver
- Allen keys

Remember: The precise method of assembly may vary according to the model of the bed, so always follow the instructions provided with the bed you choose. It's also easier to assemble a TV bed with two people, so try to get some assistance if possible.

1. Make room and prep your space

Clear enough space in the bed’s intended room to ensure you can comfortably assemble the frame and lay out all the parts you’ll need to complete the build. We recommend mapping out a 2.5M X 2.5M workspace. Lay down a protective mat or sheet if you’re worried about damaging any flooring.

2. Check all parts are present

Unbox all equipment from the packaging and check that all parts are present before you start the assembly. Depending on the model you've picked out, we will have provided you with custom-made tools such as spanners and Allen keys. For ease, we suggest that before each step of the process, that you identify the parts and tools required for that step and have them very close to hand.

3. Assemble the headboard and side rails

Before you begin putting things together, decide which side you want the ‘DVD/Media Compartment’ side rail to be and ensure you’ve laid it out on the correct side of the bed. Loosen the bolt on the headboard without removing them and hook the side rail over the bolts, repeating on the opposite side.

4. Fit the ‘DVD/Media Compartment’

Attach the ‘DVD/Media Compartment side and back panels to the base panel with the screws provided and attach to the previously chosen side rail of the bed base.

5. Assemble the footboard

Carefully remove the footboard from its packaging and ensure you have all the equipment you will need. Gently remove the control and any other hardware that has been secured by a piece of string. Once done, lift the footboard into an upright position and loosen its bolts without removing. Hook the side rails over the bolts on both sides of the footboard. Your basic TV bed frame is now assembled – well done!

6. Secure the centre rail

Carefully place the centre rail into the designated brackets on the headboard and footboard. Fully tighten all screws and bolts on both the head and foot ends.

7. Set up the media fittings and TV mechanism

Paying close attention to the set of instructions provided with your chosen TV bed, connect the power cable to the power adapter located in the footboard, the headboard and the footboard. Then, connect the power cable plug to a working main power supply. Switch on the plug, listen for the ‘power on’ sound and look for a red light to appear on the power adapter and amplifier. Once confirmed, connect the coloured RCA cables to the associated coloured connections in the footboard amplifier and headboard hub.

8. Synchronise the remote control

Once the bed is fully assembled and connected to a power supply, ensure the plug is switched off at the wall. Press the ‘ON’ button at the top of the remote control and then press and continuously hold down the TV Lift ‘UP’ button. Power on the main power supply without removing your finger from the ‘UP’ button, only releasing once the TV Lift starts to operate. This should take around five seconds to happen. Repeat if necessary.

9. Prepare and connect all media cables

Make sure you have all required cables in place, including a HDMI cable, a TV Aerial cable, TV power cable etc before you install the TV itself. Use the cable management holes to keep everything neat and tidy and free from snags. The powerpoint for the TV power cable is clearly marked ‘TV’. Please note that TV connection wiring may vary depending on your TV bed model so pay close attention to your instructions.

10. Adjust the TV tray

Adjust the TV tray to suit the height of your TV without its stand. Make note of its height and use the Allen key provided to slightly release the bolts on the tray. Slide the TV vertical bar up or down to match the height of your TV before tightening the bolts. If fitted correctly, the TV should sit neatly just beneath the Gooseneck when mounted.

11. Install your TV

Raise the TV mechanism to its highest position and carefully pick up your TV from behind, with your body behind the footboard. Gently place the TV on top of the rubber TV mounting pedestals, ensuring the Gooseneck is snug on top of the TV and inline with the horizontal centre of the TV. Fix the TV bracket in place and install all the cable connections to the TV.

12. Assemble the TV bed base

Ensure you have all parts needed to assemble your slatted bed base. Attach the middle cap and the end cap to each slat. Push the middle cap into the centre rail first, with the slat arching upwards, before slotting the end caps to the side rail supports.

Congrats – you’ve built a TV bed!

All you need now for the perfect sleep is a comfy mattress

At Time4Sleep, we have an amazing selection of market-leading TV beds available, from ottoman TV beds to king size TV beds and even super techy TV and media beds! Most of our beds also have pdf versions of the assembly instructions available from the product pages, so you can see exactly what is required before making your bed choice.

Please do get in touch with our friendly team if you have any questions about TV bed assembly, as we'd be more than happy to help!