Coolmax Pocket Mattress

Jonathan Warren

Author: Jonathan Warren


Mattress of the Month

jaritex coolmax copyOn average we spend around one third of our life asleep, so it is important that we invest in a good quality mattress. The Jaritex Coolmax Pocket mattress is one we would suggest is worth considering if you would like a mattress that aids ache free sleeping. The up to the minute design of the Coolmax Pocket utilises the latest technology to deliver the best of the features of both a temperature sensitive memory foam mattress and a pocket sprung type. This combination of 1000 pocket springs and the Coolmax cover provides added comfort and helps you find that elusive perfect night’s sleep. The memory foam in the mattress responds to the heat in your body and shapes itself to its contours helping to eliminate pressure points, which in turn helps you get a better sleep. The spring pockets adjust automatically to match every movement of the sleeper’s body lessening the uncomfortable feeling that is sometimes experienced when trying to get to sleep, helping eliminate restless tossing and turning. With a generous 4cm of premium grade memory foam combined with two thick layers of dreamfill, the comfort you will experience will be of huge benefit in getting the proper rest your body requires. The Coolmax sleeping system incorporated into the mattress also aids sleep. The special performance fabric cover that stretches over the mattress has been specially designed to help keep the sleeper dry, cool and comfortable, which itself assists in letting you sleep well. With all this latest technology and ground breaking design being incorporated into the Coolmax Pocket mattress you could be forgiven for thinking it would be too expensive for the ordinary man in the street to buy. That isn’t the case however as this mattress only costs a few pounds more than a high quality open coil mattress. You can buy the Jaritex Coolmax Pocket mattress for a single bed at only £249.00 or for a double bed at just £349.00. An ordinary sprung mattress online would cost more than that to buy, so as you can see our prices are extremely reasonable. The mattress comes in White and is also available in three other sizes, compact Double, King size and Superking size. To find any top quality mattress at under £250.00 is a feat in itself, but to be able to buy a memory foam/pocket combination for that price is unbelievable, so why not take advantage of our crazy prices and treat yourself to the Coolmax Pocket mattress today.