Best plant choices for your bedroom

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Best plant choices for your bedroom

Best plant choices for your bedroom

From sprawling monsteras and leafy palms, to trailing ivy and dainty air plants, houseplants have been one of the biggest bedroom interior design crazes of the last few years, and it’s a trend that shows no sign of slowing. And, not only do plants bring vivacious colour and character to your bedroom decorating, they also have a range of brilliant health benefits – including encouraging a restful night’s sleep.

To save any panic or confusion on your next trip to the garden centre, we’ve rounded up some of the very best plant choices to elevate your bedroom decor and help you to sleep well. Sweet dreams!

Should you have plants in your bedroom?

In a word, yes! If you’ve ever found yourself tossing and turning, unable to drift off to sleep, it may be that your bedroom requires some TLC. While sleep podcasts, pillow sprays and eye masks all have their place, something as simple as a houseplant can have a profound effect on the feel of your sleeping environment and actively encourage you to nod off faster.

Though there are lots of plants which will look stunning on your bedside table, there are a select few with brilliant sleep-including qualities. These can range from flowers with calming scents and colours, to leaves which help to purify the air, filter out harmful toxins or increase the humidity in a room. Many of these plants are naturally low-maintenance too.. it’s a win-win!

Which plants are good for your bedroom?

Dig out those plant pots and stock up on compost, we’ve rounded up some of the very best plants to introduce to your bedroom for a good night’s sleep…

1. Aloe Vera

Though these verdant green plants are commonplace in bathrooms, we’ve often wondered if aloe vera plants are good for the bedroom. The answer is – yes! With its succulent and squishy leaves, aloe vera has long been praised for its healing properties, as the gel inside the plant is naturally antibacterial and rich in antioxidants. While the gel is great for treating minor burns and cuts, the aloe vera plant itself makes a brilliant addition to the bedroom as it releases oxygen 24 hours a day and actively filters out toxins from the air.

2. Lavender

Is there anything more calming than the scent of lavender? Often used in natural sleep remedies, the herbaceous plant would be a brilliant addition to your bedside table to help you drift off to the land of nod. It’s also relatively low maintenance, and would bring a soothing splash of colour to your bedroom with it’s pretty, purple flowers.

3. Snake Plant

As houseplants go, the snake plant (or mother-in-law’s tongue, as it’s colloquially known) is certainly impressive. Its long, succulent leaves thrive on neglect and require very little water – making it a perfect plant for those who aren’t so green fingered. It also produces oxygen at night and is proven to remove certain harmful toxins from the air. Result!

4. Spider Plant

Whether displayed in a ceramic pot on the windowsill, or hanging in an on-trend macramé planter, there are few plants more rewarding to own than the common spider plant. Not only do they purify the air by filtering out toxins, they are also proven to increase the humidity in a space. With plenty of light, they’ll also produce clusters of cute ‘baby’ spider plants, which are brilliant for repotting or giving away as gifts.

5. Peace Lily

Ah, the peace lily. With shapely green leaves and ever-so elegant white flowers, this is certainly a plant for the sophisticated. But, although this graceful plant looks beautiful, it actually requires very little maintenance! Simply pot up, place in a sunny spot and sit back while your peace lily purifies the air in your bedroom and encourages a peaceful night’s sleep. What could be better?

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