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Guest Beds

Affordable Guest Beds

Guest beds come in all shapes and sizes, from day beds to trundle beds, there are a number of options for you to choose from. Guest beds are great for maximising space in smaller bedrooms, whilst also providing your guests with a comfortable place to sleep when they come to visit. Rather than using valuable sofa space or blowing up flimsy air mattresses, choosing a high-quality guest bed means you can design your perfect guest room where you can invite people to stay time and time again.

What are the different types of guest beds you offer?

Our guest beds come in a variety of styles from the discreet trundle bed to the elegant day bed we have a fantastic selection of guest beds for you to choose from.

Day Beds 

Day beds are highly practical guest bed options as they can be used as a seat or sofa in the day and then a bed at night. Unlike a sofa bed, the day bed has a mattress on top of the frame, so there’s no need to pull the bed out at night before going to sleep. Day beds take a full size UK single mattress, and when not in use can be used as a chill out area thanks to the liberal application of cushions.

Some of our day beds also have extra pull out beds hidden beneath the bed, such as our Esprit Fossil Day Bed, which has a single bed hidden within the frame itself.

Trundle Beds

For those bedrooms where space is at a premium, you need a slice of ingenuity. Thanks to our trundle beds, you can quickly double up the amount of available bed space. Trundle beds are single bed frames which have an extra single bed stored beneath. These can be easily pulled out from under the frame at a moment's notice, providing enough room for two adults to sleep comfortably. Our single trundle beds are available in a range of colours including grey, white and oak.

Trundle beds are also perfect for kids bedrooms and we have a fantastic range of pragmatic and fun kids trundle beds & frames to choose from, perfect for when your little boy or girl has friends over to stay. Choose from a variety of stylish designs and select a kid's trundle beds that complement the existing characteristics of the room.

Things to Consider When Buying a Guest Bed

When buying a guest bed, be mindful of the mattress depth of your purchase so that you can store it away easily beneath the main bed – this is usually no higher than 17cm, but if you're unsure, feel free to contact one of our knowledgeable team via email or telephone.

If fast delivery is important to you, rest assured in the knowledge that we carry a large range of our featured models in stock – all of which can benefit from our quick delivery options – meaning that any visitors arriving at the eleventh hour will have a comfortable place to lay their heads!